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Lemongrass Essential Oil

Supplier From India

Variety Lemongrass Oil

Aromas Oils a trusted entity in the ecommerce realm proudly offers Lemongrass Oil ensuring it is free from harmful chemical compounds Available in various airtight packaging options our Lemongrass oil guarantees premium quality As a leading Lemongrass Oil Exporter Aromas Oils is committed to providing pure and organic Lemongrass oil through the steam distillation process


The perennial Lemon Grass plant belonging to the Poaceae family reaches a height of 2m with small rhizomes Its base stems magenta in color bear dense leaves Lemongrass essential oil manufacturers extract pure and organic oils through steam distillation from the grass maintaining its natural essence

Lemongrass Essential Oil Uses

Traditionally utilized in cosmetics medicine and culinary preparations Lemongrass oil enhances digestion boosts immunity improves blood circulation and treats infections Known as fever grass in some cultures it was historically used to reduce fever Today Lemongrass Essential Oil Suppliers cater to its widespread demand due to its versatile applications

Lemongrass Essential Oil Benefits

Esteemed for both aroma and healthcare applications Lemongrass oil holds numerous benefits

Astringent properties make it ideal for skincare products aiding in disease prevention
Offers relief from joint and muscle pain
Boosts energy levels and alleviates headaches and fever caused by viral infections
Provides relief from abdominal pain and soothes spasms in the digestive tract
Acts as a detoxifying agent promoting the expulsion of toxins from the body

Blends Well With

Lemongrass oil harmonizes with Lemon Lavender Rosemary Marjoram Pine and Cedarwood These oils supplied by Lemongrass oil wholesale suppliers are perfect for custom blending

Available Product Variants

Lemongrass Hydrosol

General Precautionary Measures

To ensure safe usage consider the following precautions

Lemongrass oil may cause skin sensitization reactions so conduct patch tests before use
Pregnant women should avoid using Lemongrass oil due to potential allergic reactions

Storage Instructions

Transfer the essential oil from aluminum containers received from Lemongrass Essential Oil suppliers to amber dark glass bottles Store them in cool dark places away from sunlight and heat to preserve their essence until expiry

Locations Covered

As a Lemongrass essential oil bulk supplier we deliver worldwide including the UK US Canada Australia New Zealand South Korea China Taiwan Thailand Vietnam South Africa France Spain Poland Romania Serbia and other countries

Documents Available on Request

As Lemongrass oil wholesale manufacturers we provide the following documents upon request

Certificate of Analysis CoA Product specifications including color odor and other details
Gas Chromatography GC A sample workflow illustrating ingredients and their percentage
Mass Spectrometry MS Details about product constituents and their proportion

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