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Getting Started

Do you offer Free Membership?

Yes, we do. You can sign up for a FREE account and immediately start connecting with worldwide manufacturers, suppliers and buyers by filling up this short form.

NOTE: Please enter accurate and verifiable information while filling up the form as fake profiles are liable to get deleted.

How long is the FREE Membership valid?

FREE Membership profiles are valid for life. There is no pressure on you to upgrade your account. Although, we can assure you that a premium level of access is a much more effective means to be able to connect with potential counter parties on our network.

Do I have to submit my Company Verification Documents to join go4WorldBusiness? endeavors to provide a safe and secure trading platform to all members, including yourself. To reduce the chances of fraudulent activity and prevent scam on our network, it is essential for all members to verify their accounts.

To verify your account and to ensure you don’t face unnecessary administrative action on your profile, please email us scanned and legible English language copies of documents listed below :
(Please note that these documents are not uploaded on your profile, nor shared with anyone and are therefore absolutely safe with us.)

(A) If you represent a company (Private Limited, Public Limited, Partnership, Incorporated etc.) :
  • Your Company Registration/Incorporation Certificate
  • Your Company's Government issued Tax Id (e.g. PAN Id, VAT Id, TIN Id - as applicable to you).
  • An address proof for your company in the form of a latest utility bill (e.g. phone, electricity, water bill) issued in the name of your company or any other address proof that may apply
(B) If you are registering as an Individual User:
  • Government issued photo Id clearly showing your name
  • Your proof of address in the form of a latest utility bill (e.g. phone, electricity, water bill) issued in the name of your company or any other address proof that may apply.
  • Please enter the email subject as “Account Verification Documents for [your login Id] .
  • Please send your email to -

Do I need to provide my personally identifiable information while signing up?

Yes, any information you put on your profile has to be 100% accurate and real. Please do not enter fake details when creating your profile, as you would expect the same of any buyer or seller you connect with on

If you feel you do not want to make your details public for some reason, please do not create a public profile on

My login ID is not getting accepted in the sign up form.

This is because the login ID you are trying to use to create a profile is already taken by someone else. Please choose a different variation of the login ID by adding numbers at the end of the one you are trying.
e.g. If you are trying johndoe and receiving an error message, please try johndoe1 or john_doe or doejohn12 etc.

My password is not getting accepted in the sign up form

To make your account as secure as possible, please make sure your password follows these guidelines :
  • Contains at least one UPPER case letter
  • Contains at least one LOWER case letter
  • Contains at least one NUMERIC character
  • Contains at least one SPECIAL character from this list: !@#$^&*
  • Is at least 8 characters long
Buying & Selling

How can I find suppliers and manufacturers?

  • Simply run a search on the search bar available on most pages of
    Key in your product name and click on the Find Suppliers button.

    Once you get the list of suppliers on the search results page, click on Inquire Now to send them a detailed inquiry. You can also add relevant sellers to your favorites list by clicking on Add to Favorites and later selecting multiple sellers at the same time to send them your inquiry.

  • You can also try finding manufacturers and suppliers by browsing through our category list available here .

Try a simple seller search below.

What is the Favorites List?

The favorites list makes your life easier by allowing you to build up a list of relevant buyers or suppliers and later send them your inquiry at one go.

Are the buyers and suppliers listed here trustworthy?

We try our best to filter out suspect profiles, scammers and troublemakers through our profile verification services. However, this should not be the basis of your decision to transact business with someone you meet on our trade forums. We advise all our users to carry out detailed and complete background checks on any and every user they meet online by utilizing Embassy resources and third party verification agencies such as DnB. is a lead generation company and not a verification agency and even though our verification process is stringent, it should in no way be construed as 100% bullet proof.

Lastly, bear in mind that even the strictest and most complete verification cannot detect an intention to defraud, as a seemingly authentic company with proper documentation and paperwork can still turn out to be less than perfect when it comes to delivery. Therefore, wherever possible, please have face-to-face meetings before embarking on a new business relationship with a business you have met online.

Are the buying leads / RFQs listed here genuine?

All buying requirements go through a mandatory and stringent screening process by our lead verification department before getting posted on

During the screening process, our agents speak to each buyer and discard any leads where
  • The buyer is unclear about their own requirement
  • Buyer is seemingly fraudulent
  • Value of purchase does not meet minimum purchase thresholds
  • The lead lacks in other qualitative parameters
  • The requirement already stands fulfilled

Since we post hundreds of leads each day, it is not possible for us to do an in-depth company verification for all our buyers. And because of this handicap, we advise all our sellers to conduct detailed background checks of buyers before entering into any business relationship with them. Our screening of buyers should not be treated as a substitute for your own due diligence at any cost. This holds true not only for our website, but any other channel through which you receive business leads and inquiries.

Can I talk to your existing paying customers?

You surely can. Just pick any category and look at the profiles of Gold members. Most profiles will have their phone numbers listed. You can call them to hear feedback about our service (just don’t call them in the middle of the night). We have a very healthy and lengthy list of repeat customers who renew their membership with year after year. We are confident you will hear good things about us.

How can I find buyers?

  • Simply run a search on the search bar available on most pages of Key in your product name and click on the “Find Buyers” button.

    Once you get the list of buyers on the search results page, click on “Inquire Now” to send them a detailed response or a firm quotation in response to their buy leads. You can also add relevant buyers to your favorites list by clicking on “Add to Favorites” and later selecting multiple buyers at the same time to send them your quotations.

  • You can also try finding buyers by browsing through our category list available here .

    Try a simple buyer search below.
  • You can post detailed selling leads here , which will be forwarded to the buyers of your products. Buyers who find your offer interesting will get in touch with you.

How many buyers can I contact?

Following are the entitlement levels for Gold and Silver Membership.
Automatched Leads (Keyword Based) Directly contact any Buyer on our website
Gold - Unlimited Unlimited*
Silver - Unlimited Limit 50 per week.
FREE - Unlimited Only 1 per week.
* Subject to a fair usage limit of 3000 inquiries in 30 days.

How can I improve my chances of finding buyers?

Following are few helpful tips you can build into your buyer sourcing process to make it more effective.

  • Always make your communication brief , to the point and relevant. When responding, make sure you include pricing information and highlight your prior track record in successfully handling large deals.
  • Provide complete, sufficient and accurate information on your profile. Incomplete, badly written profiles can drive buyers away from your profile.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes when setting up your product portfolio. Wrongly spelt product name will not appear in search results.
  • Invest in a Premium profile. Paid profiles always come up on top of search results. Also, buyers want to see that you serious player and have a marketing budget. Lastly, you can highlight your company much more effectively by utilizing different sections of your Gold profile to talk about your production processes, your certifications, your quality assurance process etc.
  • Make yourself available to potential buyers - stay online and logged in ready to answer buyer questions over chat.
  • Provide fast and timely response to buyer inquiries. Respond now instead of tomorrow.

I've received an inquiry/buying lead in my email. How do I respond to it?

  • If you have a Free account on, you can respond to buy leads by first logging into your account. Once you are logged in, please look under the menu on the page header with your username for “Trade Inquiries Pending”. Once you click on this link, you will be taken to an area of your profile where you can see and respond to buying inquiries.
Manage your Account

How can I change my login ID?

Your login ID gets tied to your profile’s URL on Therefore, the login ID cannot be changed since that would render your profile invalid on web browsers.

Forgot password?

If you have misplaced your password or don’t remember it anymore, you can reset your password by clicking this link.

Just enter the email you used to sign up for your account and we will send you a password-reset link at that email address.

Forgot login ID?

If you have misplaced your login ID or don’t remember it anymore, you can request your login ID to be sent to the email address associated with your account by clicking this link.

How can I add more products to my profile?

If you already have an account with us, please login into your account first and visit this link to add more products to your profile.

If you are not a current member, please click this link to create an account first and then visit this link to add products.

Why is my profile under editorial review?

When you create a profile on, it gets manually reviewed by our support staff to ensure everything is in order and to make sure important details are not missing or invalid. The review process typically takes from a few hours to 12 hours on weekdays. It can take up to 48 hours during weekends.

Please bear with us while we work on getting your account approved and ready to go. To expedite this process, please send us an email with your account verification documents and we will work on your profile on priority.

You can also talk to us through our support channels to see if your account can be approved ahead of others.

I cannot find appropriate category for my product?

Our category list is fairly broad and can accommodate most products without issue. However, if in the rare instance you are unable to find an appropriate category to list your product under, please contact us mentioning your product and we should be able to help you with the most relevant category.

How can I edit my company profile and update my product information?

You can make modifications to your profile as well as products by visiting the Member Console Area of your profile. The link to Edit your profile and products can be found in the menu that opens by clicking your username on top of every page of the site.

Billing & Payments

What are the benefits of a PAID account?

Following is a brief list of benefits you can derive by upgrading to a Paid level of access. For a more complete list of features comparison, please look here

  • Increase your chances of getting found by buyers by staying on top of search results
  • Get priority and fast access to buying inquiries as and when they get published on go4WorldBusiness
  • Build trust with buyers by setting up a detailed go4WorldBusiness profile and a super descriptive and attractive online product portfolio
  • Get highlighted on our high traffic homepage to give an extra kick to your marketing effort
  • Get a chance to be included in email communication (as a potential match) a buyer receives just after posting their RFQ.
  • Differentiate your business amongst the crowd of sellers by standing out as a Premium seller

What are the prices in USD ($)?

The prices in US Dollar are as follows:
Membership Duration GOLD (USD) SILVER (USD)
12 Months $ 499 - NA -
6 Months $ 349 $ 249

What are the prices in Indian Rupees (INR)?

The prices in Indian Rupees are as follows:
Membership Duration GOLD (INR) SILVER (INR)
12 Months Rs. 24,999 - NA -
6 Months Rs. 15,999 Rs. 11,999
Prices in INR are exclusive of 18% GST. Our Service Tax registration number is AAACW4398JST004

What modes of payment do you accept for account upgrades?

Following are the different modes of payment you can use to upgrade your account.

US Dollar Payments-

  • Credit or Debit Cards
  • Paypal
  • International Wire Transfer. Wire Transfer Instructions.
    The Wire Transfer Instructions are as follows :
    • Wyzen Systems Private Limited
    • YES Bank
    • Plot No. 201, Ground Floor, Okhla Industrial Area Phase -3, New Delhi - 110020, INDIA
    • 029883900000240
    • JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, New York
    • CHAS US 33
    • 765902317
    Please ensure that the remittance is for the full amount; membership will NOT be upgraded against part payment.

Indian Rupee Payments-

  • Credit or Debit Cards
  • Netbanking
  • NEFT. NEFT Instructions.
    The Wire Transfer Instructions are as follows :
    • Wyzen Systems Private Limited
    • HDFC Bank Ltd.
    • B-6/3, Safdarjung Enclave, Opp. Deer Park, New Delhi - 110029
    • 05032000001086
    • HDFC0000503
    Please ensure that the remittance is for the full amount; membership will NOT be upgraded against part payment.
  • Indian Rupee Check payable at New Delhi. Check Instructions.

Experience the power of Premium now. Upgrade your account.

How Can I get an Invoice for my payment?

You can get a Proforma Invoice at the time of making payment. A Proforma Invoice is also emailed to you after your payment completes. We can generate one for you if you like. Just contact us for the same.

An actual invoice can also be sent to you if you need it for accounting and record keeping purposes. This typically takes a week to mail out to you after you make payment. We use surface mail to send you your invoice and the timeframe of receiving it on your end varies from courier to courier. Please raise a request if you need one to be sent to you.

Is my credit card information safe?

We employ industry leading payment gateways to receive and process your payments towards your membership upgrades. These gateways use best-of-the-breed advanced security mechanisms such as SSL to protect your credit card information. neither stores, nor comes to know your credit card information since you key in this information at one of our secure payment gateways and not directly on our website.

Therefore, you can rest assured that your credit card information is absolutely safe when you upgrade your account on

How will the charge for my payment appear in my credit card statement?

  • For US Dollar Payments: is owned and operated by Wyzen Systems Pvt Ltd. Therefore, you should be able to find an entry for "WYZEN" on your credit card statement.
  • For Payments in Indian Rupees: You should see an entry for "EAZY2PAY" in your credit card statement. EAZY2PAY is the payment processor we use for INR payments.

How long does it take for my membership to get activated once I pay?

We try to upgrade your account within 1-2 hours after your payment is received during regular working hours. Outside of working hours, accounts get upgraded within a maximum of 12 hours. If you make payment on a public holiday or during the weekend, your account gets upgraded on the next working day.

The fastest way to upgrade is to pay using credit card. International bank transfers or check payments typically take a few days to a week to flow into our accounts through banking channels.

Upgrade your membership now!

Can I pay via Western Union Money Transfer, Money Gram, Traveller’s Cheque?

No, we don’t accept payments through Western Union, Moneygram or Travelers check. You can use Credit/Debit Cards, Paypal (wherever available), Net-banking or International Bank-Transfer to upgrade your account.
Please see available payment options mentioned above.

Can I pay cash to upgrade my account?

Unfortunately, we do not accept cash payments towards membership upgrades. You can use Credit/Debit Cards, Paypal (wherever available), Net-banking or International Bank-Transfer to upgrade your account. Please see available payment options mentioned above.

Can I get a refund?

You can upgrade absolutely worry FREE - we are confident of our services and have a 60 day, no questions asked money-back guarantee, in case you are not completely satisfied with your experience.

For payments made using Credit Card/Paypal Account, the refund will be made to the original credit card or paypal account from which the payment was initiated.

In case of Cheque/NEFT/Direct Deposit within India, the refunds can only be made to the account from which the payment was made. Therefore, when requesting for refund, please provide the following

  1. Proof of debit of subscription amount from the source account to go4WorldBusiness bank account.
  2. Your bank details including account number, IFSC code and branch details.

In case of Wire Transfer initiated from outside India, the refunds can only be made to the account from which the payment was made. Therefore, when requesting for refund, please provide the following

  1. Proof of debit of subscription amount from the source account to go4WorldBusiness bank account.
  2. Swift instructions of the bank where from original Swift transfer was initiated.

Can I pay the charges in installments?

At the moment, we do not support the ability to pay membership charges in monthly installments. This is something we are working on to introduce in the future.

Will you automatically renew my membership after it expires?

No we won’t. Once your membership is up for renewal, you can renew it yourself based upon the success you achieve in securing new business by interacting with our listed buyers.

We will send you reminders in the form of emails or phone calls once your renewal is due but will never automatically charge your credit card.

Where is go4WorldBusiness operated from?

We are a Global B2B portal headquartered in New Delhi, INDIA.

Our address is -
52B, First Floor, Okhla Phase-3
New Delhi,

You can also reach us here :-

Our USA address is -
go4WorldBusiness USA Inc.
6 Monticello Ct,
07751 USA.

Do I have to pay extra to access leads once I upgrade to a Premium membership?

No, you do not pay anything extra to access individual leads once you upgrade to a premium level of access. Our smart and intelligent lead matching service will send the most relevant leads to your inbox each day, based on your product list and keywords.

If you feel that you need to access extra leads within your industry/product categories in addition to the ones we send to you, you can do that too. There are reasonable limits to the number of such leads you can request by browsing our site.

How is go4WorldBusiness better than your competition?

These are the points that set us apart form our competition-

  • Industry leading buy lead quality. Each lead gets vetted before going live.
  • Diverse, globally focused marketplace of manufacturers, suppliers and volume buyers.
  • Custom sourcing of buyers for complicated products
  • Competitively priced subscription plans

What are the minimum and maximum duration of your membership plans?

We offer 6 month membership for our silver membership plan and 6 month and 12 month membership for our Gold membership plan. If you would like to go for longer term (2 years) plans, please contact Sales.

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