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Flaxseed Carrier Oil

Supplier From South Africa

We offer you a wide range of carrier oils, each with its unique texture, aroma, and wellness benefits. Carrier oils are thick in consistency that is used as a medium to transfer myriad essential oils, body butters, or any other substance to the body cells. Their texture allows them to be absorbed well by outer layer of body and reaches all the wellness benefits.
We carry out intensive R&D to bring forth an extensive range of carrier Oil. Carrier oils are often vegetable oils made from a plant's seeds, kernels, or nuts, such as coconut oil or avocado oil. Essential oils are "carried" to your body via carrier oils after being diluted. Since essential oils are far too strong to apply topically, base oils are used to dilute them before topical application.
They also help to get desirable consistency in diverse make-up items. Carrier oils provided by carrier oil suppliers are an integral part of many daily used end products. Besides, these oils are extensively used for direct apply on out layer of body for miniaturization and more benefits. The restorative effects of essential oil are not affected by most carrier oils, which are often odourless or only mildly perfumed. Now it does not mean that career oils do not have any individual characteristics. They are loaded with amazing properties for body and can be used on their own and in combination with other oils to hydrate outer layer of the body. Due to their ability to stick to the body, carrier oils are also known as "fixed oils." This makes them perfect for controlling essential oil concentration and make less the strength of an essential oil's aroma without affecting its properties. To maximize the effects and utility of the essential oils as well as control the finished product's color, scent, aromatic characteristics, and shelf life, etc. Carrier oil is an essential component for the makeup and aromatic industries.

Price and Minumum Quantity

Price FOB in USD: 500
Minimum Order Qty: 25  Metric Tonnes
Production Capacity: 50000 Metric Ton/metric Tons Per Month
Packaging: As Buyers Requirements
Sample: Available. Sample Cost Born By Buyer

Product Model And Origin

Brand: OME
Model: OME
Seller Code: Ome
HS Code: Ome
Standards: Ome

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