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Pineapple Pulp

Supplier From India
Pineapple Pulp

The pineapple plant is a perennial fruit with a short stem. It requires a fairly warm and humid tropical climate to grow. Pineapple has a characteristic flavor and color. It is highly rich in Vitamin C and other minerals.

The pulp is used in juices, yogurts, desserts, smoothies, ice creams etc. It is used as a refreshing drink and in fruit meals for children. Pineapple is either the base or component of many beverage blends of flavors in processed foods.

Physical, Chemical and organoleptic Characteristics
Acidity (% as C/A) : Min 0.3
PH < 4.00
Colour : Light Yellow
Flavour : Characteristic
Taste : Characteristic
Microbial Characteristics
T.P.C. CFU/g < 50
Yeast CFU/g < 50
Mould CFU/g < 10

T.S.S (Brix) Min- 10
Acidity (%C/A) Min- 0.3

Composition per 100 gm
Edible Portion (%)- 45.00
Moisture (gm)- 87.00
Protein (gm)- 00.40
Fat(gm)- 00.10
Minerals (gm)- 00.50
Fibre (gm)- 00.40
Carbohydrates (gm)- 10.80
Energy ( 46.00
Calcim (mg)- 20.00
Phosphorus (mg)- 09.00
Iron(mg)- 02.20
Vitamin c (mg)- 39.00
Vitamin B (mg)- 00.13

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