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Coir Block

Supplier From Hong Kong
Coir block

General Purpose Fresh Coir Block (Processed & Compressed Coir)

Coir pith blocks ensure high oxygen levels and therefore good drainage properties. They reduce the dormancy period of seeds and promote early sporting in almost all flowering plants and vegetable crops, We can supply coir blocks as Fresh Coir Blocks for vegetables/fruits and High Drain Rose Mix Coir Blocks specially designed to be used with Roses. Can be supplied in different weights, sizes or as per buyer’s requirements. Please contact us for more details and price quotations

Advantages of Fresh Coir Blocks:
Designed for vegetable and fruit plants
Faster binding of soil
Resistant to mold & rot; no chemical treatments needed
Great air and water permeability
Holds the seeds/saplings in place
Excellent medium for quick vegetation
No removal costs; Naturally degrades over a period of 2 to 5 years time
Promotes deep rooting of plants
Provides nutrients
Easy to install
We can make 5 kg and 15 kg blocks.

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