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Vantage Resources Limited

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Established in 2006. Vantage Resources Limited is a professional firm operating in the areas of building materials, industrial commodities, raw materials and various consumer durables. Our team consists of professionals from diverse backgrounds with rich experience in shipping, buying, engineering. We're based in Hong Kong, China and India.

Our products are: LED Bulbs, Tube Light, Panel light, Decoration Light, Christmas Lights, Street Light, Down Light, Wall Light, Steel Wires, Steel plate, Stainless Steel Plate, Twisted Wire rods, Galvanized Wires, Wire Mesh, Site Fencing, Mosquito Mesh, Thread Rods, rebar, twisted rods, T Bar, Nuts and Bolts, Hardware, PVC Pipes, UPVC Pipes, API Pipes, melamine, MDF Board, Plywood, Film Faced, Shuttering, Packing, Core Veneer, Face Veneer, HDF Molded Door Skin, Door Filler, Tubular Particle Boards, PVC Boards, WPC Boards, Doors, Block Board, Hard Board, Gypsum Board, Canopy, Carport, Flooring Wooden, Bamboo, Laminated Engineering

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Gypsum Board, Canopy, Carport, Flooring Wooden, Bamboo, Laminated Engineering, Tiles, Granite Tiles, Granite Blocks, Black Galaxy,Wash Basin, Water Closets, Washbasins, SS Sinks, Faucets, Furniture, PVC Edge Bending, Screw, Locks, PVC Seals, Silicone cartridges, Shower Enclosures, Shower Door Hinges, Handles, Knobs, brackets, Slides, Nails, Solar Panels, flexible solar panels, Solar Power Station, Battery, Invertors, Rechargeable Fans, lights, Air Coolers, Steel Chains, Rigging Hardware, Spring, Over Head Electric Power Hardware, Fitting, High Tension Hardware, All-dielectric Self-supporting Optic Fiber Cable, Adss Cable Fittings, Optical Fiber Composite Overhead Ground Wire, Opgw Cable Fitting, Insulator, Spigots, Glass Door Locks, Non digging Floor Springs, Office Glass Door Hardware, Office Glass Partition Hardware, Latch, Glass Door Hinges, rollers, bearings

Offset Pivot Hinge, Glass adaptor, Patch Fitting, Glass Door Bottom, Sliding Door System, Glass Clamps, Balustrade, Hand Rail, Steel capping, saddles, Aluminum Extrusion profile, Pumps, Quartz, glass panel, Sink, basin, Moringa Seed, Moringa Leave, eyeglass cleaning cloth, optical frame, Kitchen Hoods, Faucet, shower head, shower panel, Bathroom accessorie, Toilet accessorie, Shingle, paver, roof tile, doll furniture, toy car, miniature car, roller door, roller shutter, human hair, gear box, fire door, conduit box, conduit pipe, latche, hinge, extension cord, power cable, silver mirror, sheet glass, float glass, Anti fog mirror, freezer door, roller bearing, Cycle stand, letter box, skirting, baseboard, PVC Membrane, modified bitumen, self adhesive bitumen membrane, PE and PP Polymer compound waterproof membrane, PVC/TPO waterproof membrane, EPDM coiler rubber membrane, geotextile, sand, Wifi control smart plug, Zigbee, RF Universal remote controller

Annual Sales And Certifications

Established: 2006
Approximate Annual Sales: Not Known

Dealing In Products And Services

Our Primary Business: Service Provider

Buyer : In shell pecan nut, macadamia nut

Supplier : LED bulb, tube light, panel light, decoration light, christmas light, street light, down light, wall light, steel wires, steel plate, stainless steel plate, twisted wire rods, galvanized wires, wire mesh, site fencing, mosquito mesh, thread rods, rebar, twisted rods, T bar, nuts and bolts, hardware, PVC pipes, UPVC pipes, API pipes, melamine, MDF board, plywood, film faced, shuttering, packing, core veneer, face veneer, HDF molded door skin, door filler, tubular particle boards, PVC boards, WPC boards, doors, block board, hard board, gypsum board, canopy, carpet, flooring wooden, bamboo, laminated engineering, tiles, granite tiles, granite blocks, black galaxy, wash basin, water closets, washbasins, SS sinks, faucets, furniture, PVC edge bending, crew, locks, PVC seals, silicone cartridges, shower enclosures, shower door hinges, handles, knobs, brackets, slides, nails, solar panels, flexible solar panels, solar power station, battery, invertors, rechargeable fans, lights, spring

Services : Buying office, OEM, components sourcing, value added services

Contact Details

Block 11, 19Th Floor, Unit H
Laguna City
Kwun Tong
Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Contact Person: Senthil Designation: Director
Phone: 852-97565544 Fax: 852-27171602

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