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Halal Frozen Chicken Parts

Supplier From Philippines

Frozen Chicken Parts for sale We supply Halal Halal Frozen Chicken Parts Frozen Beef and Frozen Pork of Grade A quality Contact Us 247 Wholesaler of Frozen Chicken Parts Frozen Boneless Chicken Breast Frozen Boneless Chicken Thigh Frozen Chicken Drumstick and Frozen Chicken Leg offered

Halal Frozen Chicken Feet
Frozen processed chicken feet grade A
Weight 35 50 g
Size 12 20 cm
Washed and clean
Without yellow skin
No feathers
No bad smell
No blood
No bruises
No black pads
No traces of carved deep wounds
No ammonia burns
Broken bones under 3
Moisture content less than 5
Drainage 0 to 5C for 8 hours
Blasted at 40C
Storage at 18C
Temperature during transportation 10 to 15C
Production date maximum 40 forty days from date of delivery
Expiration Halal Frozen Chicken paws minimum 12 twelve months from date of delivery
Inspection Quality Quantity Weight and Photo by SGS at sellers cost at port of loading


Grade A feather off outer yellow skin off well clean washed fresh
Black spots maximum 3
Moisture less than 3

Specification of chicken paws
Paws weight 3545 g
Paws size 1013 cm

Quality Halal Frozen Chicken Parts Grade A feather off outer yellow skin off well clean washed fresh fruits outer hard nail on without bad smell
Black spots maximum 3
Moisture less than 3

Packing 15kg carton

Chicken Breast
Chicken Breast It is always Halal slaughtered under the strict supervision of ISO and HACCP quality control system According to clients different requirement we can process chicken breast with normal single cut or butterfly cut on its natural size or based on clients special indication

Cut from a whole fresh chicken from which the legs and all three joints of the wing are removed
The breast meat and underlying fillet are lifted from the rib cage and sternum
The skin is then removed Halal Frozen port meat For sale
The product is cut and packed between 0 4C

Packing Specification
10 kg box
Variable weight
Fresh and Frozen

Weight Range
Grading in to under 170g
170 200 g 200 230g 230g

Chicken Wings
3 joint
Washed dehaired
Grade A
Weight kg Above 80130g
Available in box and bulk
High quality meat
Size 100 gr up
Shelf Life 12month
Packaging Details
Carton contains 4 poly bag X 5 kg 20 kg
Chicken Wing 3 joint Turkey Wing Hen Wing
Chicken Wing 3 joint Turkey Wing Hen Wing Always supplied from fresh produce

Price and Minumum Quantity

Price FOB in USD: 1

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