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Seaweed Extract Powder

Supplier From United Arab Emirates

The special production process keeps its original nutrition ingredient, such as alginic acid, fucoidan, mannitol, iodide, amino acids, vitamin, minerals, auxin, and micro elements, etc.

It has its nature advantage of quick absorption by crops, highly active component, especially its inside plant growth regulator. It not only stimulates the growth of crops, improve the quality of fruit, increase yield, and contains antitoxins which helps plant to fend off bacteria and viruses, repel insects, etc. The seaweed extract suit for many crops, and for fertigation or foliar spray; also, it can be used as material for formulation of many kinds of organic and inorganic fertilize. The product is a natural extract, non-poisonous and harmless, no side effects.

Packing: 25kg bags, 50kg bags, and customer's marking bags.

Handling and Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, away from moisture, heat. Protect the materials from the sun or rain during transportation.

Item Specification
Appearance: Black or Brown Powder
Alginic Acid: 16
Organic Matter: 50
N: 1
K2O: 16-21
Cytokinin & gibberellin: 600-800ppm
Mannitol: 1-6
Fe: 0.2
Ca: 0.15
Mg: 0.2
S: 1
Solubility: 100

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