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Cold Pressed Oils

Supplier From India

The three main cold pressed oils that we Manufacture & Stock are coconut oil, sesame oil and groundnut oil.

Cold press oils possess highly nutritional value content with superior health benefits as it has been generated via a purely non mechanical process as opposed to hot pressed oils. Cold pressing used by a natural wooded press (traditionally called as Chekku or Ghani). A mortar and pestle device made of wood is used to extract oil under pressure from oil-bearing seeds. This is the simplest method for cold pressing oils out of a seed as it minimises heat generation. Nowadays, extraction machines have replaced Chekku that use excessive heat to generate high quantities of oil.


Rich sources of Vitamin E
Helps fight cancer
Reduce heart disease risk.
Enhance Cognitive Strength
Reduces Joint pain & Risk of arthritis.
Treats dry skin & boosts hair Growth.
As a famous saying goes, â??horses for coursesâ??, meaning itâ??s important to choose the right individual for the right work because each individual has a particular set of skills which is apt for the work in question. Likewise, each oil is used for creating uniquely flavoursome delicious cuisines often inspired by the native preference towards a particular oil type.
For example, our world famous mouth watering Kerala fish curry is cooked to perfection using cold pressed coconut oil.
Whereas, sesame oil might be used to cook pepper chicken curry which highlight the hot tones of pepper to deliver a magnificent taste and rich aroma to be savoured.

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