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Rose Damascena Oil

Supplier From Bulgaria

1. Rose Damascena oil
The most precious essential oil in the world due to its unique rich chemical composition and deep multi-layered fragrances.
The essential oil is found in the flowers of Rose Damascena.
Rose oil is extracted from the petals of the oil-bearing Rosa Damascena by steam
The chemical composition of rose oil is complex, it contains over 300 components, the main of which are: citronellol, geraniol, nerol.
It has a strong aroma of fresh roses, which can be described as sweet, floral, feminine, rich, warm, tempting, and intoxicating, but long-lasting.
The top, middle and base notes of the oil are strong and it acts in synergy with other essential oils.
One of the main features of the quality rose oil is that qt lower temperatures, the oil crystallizes, and when heated, it liquefies again.
Rose oil produced in Bulgaria is one of the highest quality essential oils in the world.
It is used in aromatherapy by bringing harmony, balance, and beauty. Very small amounts of rose oil are used, but it "achieves a lot with little".
The main action of the oil is rejuvenating, as it activates the healing and regenerating processes in the skin.
Widely used in cosmetics, it helps to soften, rejuvenate and regenerate, or to soothe reddened and prone to irritation skin.
Rose oil improves elasticity and has a beneficial effect on fine lines around the eyes.

Adding natural perfume and rose elements gives another dimension and quality to the perfume.
Rose oil is the absolute cornerstone of perfumer described by the luxury companies in the industry.
It has a refined lychee top note for the essential oil.
- Perfuming effect
mystical and elusive essence
emotional and luxury
- Pharmacological properties include: anti-HIV
anti-inflammatory antimicrobial
antitussive hypnotic
- Cosmetic properties:
moisturizing the skin and included in products for dry, sensitive,
and mature skin.
soothe red and irritated skin
anti-aging products
improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

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