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Hms 1 &2

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Grade: Steel Heavy Melting Scrap Metal HMS-1 as defined in the US ISRI Scrap specification circular 2020, predominantly composed of un-used / surplus oil pipes, disincorporated assets, sold as scrap metal and in the following proportions: Minimum 100% HMS 1 according to ISRI 200/201/202 with a minimum thickness of 6mm each lot.
Max. Dimension: 1.2 MTS.
Thickness: 6 mm.
Diameter: 2 7/8 Inches - 20 Inches.
Impurities Tolerance: 0.75% Max.
Oversize Tolerance: 1.5% Max.
Max. Weight per Piece: 300 Kg Max.
Stowage Factor: The oil pipes / tubes in a manner, to guarantee a stowage factor of Max of 65 cubic feet per ton. SELLER warrants making best efforts to avoid the inclusion of any of the following items: -
Impurities such as but are not limited to dirt, dust, soil, oil, grease, rubber, sponge, concrete, stones, rocks, excessive rust, or other waste products such as wood, plastic, foam, and fabric.
Off-Grades such as but are not limited to non-ferrous metal in a free state, enameled and all other metallically coated materials, alloyed material, incinerated scrap, mill scales, slags, skulls, turnings, borings, punching, drillings, bundle scrap, wires, and tin cans. Inclusions of the above elements shall be negligible and limited to amounts that are unavoidable in the customary preparation of the grade.
SELLER guarantees that the oil pipes is free from any radioactive material, explosives, and other hazardous material:
Radioactive Material measured as above local background level, Explosives such as but not limited to arms, weapons, bombs, mines, hand grenades, explosive material in any form, cartridges, whether charged, empty or un-spent, as well as parts thereof - shock absorbers, gas cylinders, improperly cut/opened hollow vessels or containers, Hazardous Material such as but not limited to asbestos or asbestos-containing material, flammable material, chemicals not limited to free toxic chemicals, organic matters originated from animals or plants with the danger of epidemic diseases, medical waste and any
Origin: South Am�?�¯ï¿½?�¿ï¿½?�½?�¯�¿�½?�?�©rica Country Xxxxx
Quantity: 25,000 Metric Tons +/- 5 % as the first delivery and after this delivery an agreement will be made for the next loads of more than 25,000 MT for a total of 300,000MT per year, each latest shipment date must be adequately and precisely defined in the agreement.
Sales Unit Price: USD ($) Xxx per Metric Ton CIF Port
Packing: in Bulk. Materiel should be loaded safely, and proper care should be taken to ensure that the material can be unloaded in a safe manner.

Price and Minumum Quantity

Price FOB in USD: 2
Minimum Order Qty: 25000  Tons (UK)
Packaging: Bulk

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14 June, 2024
I've been liaising with Alga International for more than two years as an intermediary for international trade deals, and we have maintained good cordial relations. It is a genuine and reliable company ...

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