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Dried Red Ziziphus Jujuba

Supplier From Viet Nam

Jujube fruit, also known as red or Chinese date, is native to Southern Asia but has become popular around the world.
These small round fruits with a seed-containing pit grow on large flowering shrubs or trees (Ziziphus jujuba). When ripe, they're dark red or purple and may appear slightly wrinkled.
Due to their sweet taste and chewy texture, they're often dried and used in candies and desserts in parts of Asia where they commonly grow.
In alternative medicine, they're widely utilized to improve sleep and decrease anxiety.

Price and Minumum Quantity

Price FOB in USD: 8.48 - 10.43
Minimum Order Qty: 500  Kilograms
Production Capacity: 10 Metric Ton/metric Tons Per Month
Packaging: Canned/bulk/carton/customized
Sample: Available. Sample Cost Born By Supplier

Product Model And Origin

Brand: 99 Gold Data
Seller Code: Irene (+84) 587 176 063
Standards: Natural dried

Competitive Advantages

  • Healthy food
  • High quality and cheap price in vietnam
  • Organic

Other Details

  • Color: natural dark red
  • Shed life: 12 months
  • Style: dried
  • Lead time 10 - 30 days

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