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Fragmentized Scrap From Incineration

Supplier From United Kingdom
Fragmentized Scrap From Incineration

The Incinerated scrap or E46, is the by-product derived from the reprocessing of incinerated domestic waste.
After the combustion process, the furnace output (IBA Incinerator bottom ash) is firstly washed, magnetically separated and screened to separate any no ferrous material.

At a visual inspection, the material is fragmentized, with iron and steel parts, resulting partly cut or in shredded form.
The stock appears heterogeneous and contains all kind of cut or dismantled steel parts such as sheets, bars, frames, wires, bolts and other iron/steel household residues.

The incinerated scrap is eventually oxidized, due to the thermal and cooling treatments, that the material has been submitted to. The burnt scrap also contains minor slag parts, ash and iron oxide, due to the recovery process.
Such components are inherent and adhere to the scrap surface. The total impurities, can be sorted, but not fully removed.

The consignment does not contain any type of arms, ammunition, mines, shells, cartridges, radioactive contaminated, or any other explosive material in any form either used or otherwise.

The collected stock, is stored in open air, on cemented flooring. It can be loaded loose in 20â?? heavy duty container.

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Price and Minumum Quantity

Price FOB in USD: ON Request
Minimum Order Qty: 200  Tons (UK)
Packaging: Loose

Product Model And Origin

HS Code: 7204.49.00

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