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DC40KV Coaxial Cable

DC40KV, 25 or 39 ohm coaxial cable, for nuclear power application. XLPE insulation with non-halogen jacket.

ECG Cable

ECG cables also referred to as an ECG patient cable, is a type of cable connection designed for non-invasive heart monitoring, typically used to help diagnose potential heart issues. The ECG cable connects to electrodes which are positioned at specific locations on the patientâ??s body to detect and record heart muscle electrical activity. The cables then transmit the electrical activity back to the ECG device for analysis and diagnosis by medical professionals.

ECG Cable Feature
[Multiple Leads]: ECG cables usually have several leads placed in specific areas on the patientâ??s body, such as the chest, arms, and legs, to measure the heartâ??s electrical activity from different angles.

[Durability]: ECG cables are constructed from top-quality, sturdy materials that can endure repeated bending, tugging, and
twisting without sustaining any damage. This ensures that the cables can withstand the rigors of frequent use and remain reliable over time.

[Shielding]: ECG cables are shielded to block out external electrical signals, which can interfere with the accuracy of the

[Connector Compatibility]: The ECG cables are available with various connector types, including snap, clip, and banana, to fit different types of ECG machines.

[Safety]: ECG cables are designed to meet strict safety standards and regulations to ensure patient safety. This helps to ensure that patients are protected from any potential harm during the monitoring process.

[Cleaning and Disinfecting]: The ECG cables are easy to clean and disinfect to maintain hygienic conditions, as they come into contact with the patientâ??s skin.

ECG Cable Advantages
[Excellent Performance]: ECG cables are built to withstand the rigors of twisting and bending, and have been thoroughly tested to ensure optimal performance. The cables are also equipped with electrical shielding to protect the signal integrity, ensuring accurate readings.

[Non-Invasive]: ECG cables are non-invasive, which means that they do not require any incisions or invasive procedures. This reduces the risk of infection and makes the monitoring process much safer for patients. Instead, the cables are simply attached to the patient's skin, making it a quick and painless process.

Silicone Foam

Highly compressible, soft silicone foam. The combination of low weight and softness makes it an idea solution where low closure force and sealing are critical. the chemistry and cell structure provide a long term performance advantage.

Injection Molded Part

Injection molded part, engineering plastic and liquid silicone (LIM/LSR)

Die-cut parts

Precision die-cut parts for 3C electronics (mobile, pad...), medical and automotive

Medical Catheter, Tube

customized medical grade PVC, TPU, silicone catheter, Tube

Medical Cable

Medical cable assembly for electrosurgical pencil

Medical Blister, Tray

Medical grade PET, PETG blister, tray and HDPE cleancut card for medical device packaging.

SpO2 Cable

SpO2 cables are specifically designed to connect the SpO2 sensor, typically placed on a patient's finger or earlobe, to the monitoring device. These cables transmit the optical signals captured by the sensor to the monitor, where the data is processed and displayed as oxygen saturation levels.

Medical Cable, Wire, Tube

Customized co-extrusion medical grade cable, wire and tube/catheter.

Release Liner, Paper

PET release liner with silicone coating, PET protective film with silicone or acrylic adhesive, release paper. widely used in medical, food, consumer industry with stable release force.

PTFE Corrugated Tube

Material characteristics:
1, white, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic powder, commonly known as "plastic king".
2, the active hydrogen atoms on the ethylene monomer are replaced by inert fluorine atoms, and the polytetrafluoroethylene monomer is polymerized.
3, temperature resistance, the operating temperature of -100â??-250â??.
4, high strength weather resistance, radiation resistance and low permeability.
5, non-adhesion, is the smallest surface tension in solid materials, does not adhere to any substance.
6, non-toxic, with physiological inertia, as artificial blood vessels and organs long-term implantation in the body without adverse reactions.

Solid Silicone Sheet

MP-1200 general purpose solid silicone sheet offers resistance to high temperatures, tear, and most fluids for a variety of industrial applications.

Silicone Foam Tube

High quality silicone foam tube for medical, consumer and industrial application. It has outstanding heat-resistant air aging performance, strong sealing, ozone resistance, and is moisture-proof.

Corrugated Silicone Tube

corrugated silicone tube is widely used in medical industry, it is able to withstand high temperature like autoclave sterilization. silicone is a good material to pass the medical test like bio-compatibility test.

Push Pull Connector

Metal or plastic push pull circular connector, alternative solution for LEMO.

Wire Harness

Wireharness for auto, airspace and equipment

Silicone Cable

Silicone cable, multi conductor (36AWG silver plated copper), PFA insulating.

Flat Ribbon Cable

UL2651 flat ribbon cable, from 10P to 64P

Floating Cable

Floating cable which can be applied to underwater robot equipment, either in fresh water environment or in seawater environment. It is widely used in marine exploration robot, underwater ROV UAV remote control submersible, underwater camera, underwater construction, underwater search and rescue robot, pipeline detection robot, submersible pump and the link between various underwater electrical equipment and shore based equipment; Link of signal transmission, power supply and equipment control system from underwater to water.

Liquid Cooled Charging Cable

Liquid Cooled Charging Cables are electric vehicle charging cables that utilize liquid cooling to achieve high-speed charging. These cables feature a 500A current rating and a 1000V voltage rating for charging speeds up to 500KW.

Customized Flat Cable

Flat Cable
M&P is able to support a full line of flat cable and flat ribbon cable for electronic applications. Providing both power and data transmissions, flat cables are mainly used for internal connections within the equipment. They are available in a wide range of configurations to accommodate different connection and data transmission requirements and the range of sizes of the equipment using the cables. Flat cables provide consistent performance due to their layout and the spacing between the cables and are lighter, thinner and more flexible than other cables.

Features of Our Flat Cables & Wire
* Flat, ribbon and twisted configurations, with different levels of flexibility.
* Shielded or jacketed cable to reduce signal interference.
* Range of pitches and pin configurations to accommodate the application requirements.
* Easy to fasten with clamps, adhesive, and tape.

We provide custom services, including marking, kitting and custom cable design to provide you with a custom solution for your cabling application. Contact us to find out more about Flat Cables and Wires.

UL 2464 Cable

Use for control and connecting cable on data transmission within building management system, speaker audio system and control measurement. Suitable for use in dry and damp environment.

Cable Structure & Features
Conductor Material : Tinned copper stranded
Insulation : Semi-Rigid PVC
Drain Wire : Tinned copper stranded
Shielding : Aluminium foil laminated screen
Outer Sheath ; PVC
Sheath Colour : black or gray

Technical Data
Standard : UL Style 2464
Approvals : UL apporoved
Rated Voltage : 300V
Testing Voltage : 1500V
Flame Retardant : VW-1
Insulation Resistance : Min 20Mx km
Min. Bending Radius : 10 x cable diameter
Operating Temp. : -30C / +80C

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