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Mandheling Arabica Coffee

Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans are named after Mandailing people who diligently grow the coffee beans in their coffee plantations. Starting in the 19th century, the popularity of Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans continued to grow. Today, Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans are one of the most exported Sumatra coffee beans across the globe. Taste the breadth and nuance of local Indonesian heritage starting from a cup of Sumatra Mandheling coffee. Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans are traditionally grown, picked at the peak of freshness, and processed in the Tapanuli region. Wallacea Coffee directly sources our Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans from Indonesiaâ??s leading coffee producer, the Mandailing area, near Bukit Barisan, north Sumatra. As a proven result of growth within the appropriate environment, our Sumatra Mandheling coffee reveals its best taste. A complex blend of full-bodied, earthy flavor notes mixed with an herbal aroma profile. Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans are low in acidity, a perfect companion for sensitive-stomach people to consume on a daily basis.

Arabica Coffee Gayo

Arabica Coffee Gayo

Gayo, which also means nice, is an ethnic group with their own language, strong music and dance culture, and society of highly educated scholars. The Gayo tribe has a population of 85.000, and they live predominantly in the scenic, pine-studded mountainous region of Aceh province on the island of Sumatera, accessible only by road and hence fairly remote. Also known as Urang Gayo, they have traditionally been rice farmers and traders.

Aceh Gayo Arabica Coffee comes from the Gayo highlands, where the superb tropical volcanic soil provides a unique earthy, deep, rich taste. The crop is organically grown without fertilizers and is widely known as green beans for being environmentally friendly. The people of Central Aceh developed the skill of coffee planting with the arrival of Dutch East Indies to the area around 1904.Grown above 1.200 meters, Gayo semi-washed Arabica coffee has thrived and is consistently rated as one of the best among Indonesia's many coffee growing regions. This lot has been hand-sorted a third time before export, hence it is called Triple Pick. This coffee has a light earthy notes with a full body and smooth aftertaste. It is mild in acidity, has caramel fruity tastes and bittersweet spicy.

Cassia Cinnamon Stick

Cassia Cinnamon Stick

Our Cinnamon is exclusively imported from a single estate java island, Indonesia. On every part of the mountain, our beautiful cinnamon trees are traditionally and naturally grown without the use of pesticide, and human interference. Every 20 years, cinnamon trees naturally grow in a vast mid-java area and should be ready for harvest.
At the same time, our dedicated grower plants the seeds and in six months the seeds produce a plant that is 50-60 centimeters high. At this point, our growers replant the cinnamon sprout in the growth. Next, as the plants produce more seeds, we distribute them to all of our long partnership farmers.

Our dedicated farmer peeling the bark at the same location where the tree was chopped down. Sometimes, our farmers stay overnight to do the work. Once the bark is collected, it will be distributed to the warehouse for a sun-dried process. In the warehouse, our team grades the bark, removes sticks, other materials and eventually ties the barks in a bundle.

Finally, we cut the sticks and bundle them together for retail ready and pack into a jar based on your choice/preference.

Cassia Cinnamon Powder

Cassia Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon can quickly lose its organic flavor once it has gone through the ground process unless airtight sealed and stored properly in a cool, dry place. If stored properly, the cinnamon and its fresh aroma can remain vibrant for up to a year. The cinnamon ground has an extremely rich aroma which runs the original taste more than any other grown cinnamon. Indonesian cassia cinnamon's taste is bitter or astringent, citrus, pungent, sweet, and woody.

Cinnamon powder is made up of 4 to 6 percent essential oil as it gives the cinnamon its intense, aroma and favorable flavor. In the United States, cinnamon powder is most commonly used versus cinnamon sticks.

Briquette Charcoal

Briquette Coconut Charocal Shisa
Our charcoal briquette is 100% pure natural charcoal made from coconut shell charcoal with a special techniques of processing and selection of the finest charcoal material, therefore it is no doubt that the quality is simply one of the best coconut shell charcoal briquettes available special for Shisha / Hookah. Our product is natural, no smell, no smoke, no taste, faster burning, longer burning, clean burning, eco-friendly, not a single tress was cut to make this product, white and less ash.
Total Moisture - Wet Basis 8.78, Ash Content - Wet Basis 1.88 & Dry 2.06, Volatile Matter - Wet Basis 13.38 & Dry 14.67, Fixed Carbon Wet Basis 75.96 & Dry 83.27.


Our Clove Buds are imported directly from Indonesia and considered one of the royal spices around the world. These dried flower buds are traditionally grown and sun-dried which provide direct health benefits, vegan friendly and unforgettable aroma, taste that can be added to meats, curries, marinades, combined with fruit or hot beverages such as tea and coffee. Our Cloves have an assertive, dark aroma that is warm, rich, hand selected, and cleaned. Our cloves are certified with a higher level of oil content for rich full flavor!
Our clove is picked very carefully to not damage the branches in which they are grown from. After collecting, the farmers dry it immediately to prevent any mold. This process is done quickly and productive to supply better quality and weight

Sumatra Coffee

Sumatra Coffee

In North Sumatra, a road snakes around the lush forest, beautiful waterfalls and striking volcanoes to arrive in a land that grows a strong coffee with enchanting flavor. Lintong Nihuta lies southwest of Lake Toba, one of the worldâ??s most buried inland bodies of water. The land in this region rises to a high plateau, providing the altitude necessary for Arabica cultivation.

Lintong accurately describes only coffees grown in a relatively small region just southwest of Lake Toba in the district of Lintong Nihuta. Small plots of coffee are scattered over a high, undulating plateau of fern-covered clay. The coffee is grown without shade, but also without chemicals of any kind, and almost entirely by smallholders. Each of the small farmers produces coffee on less than a hectare of land. They may bring some of their coffee to sell at the weekly market in Lintong, but companies also go directly to the farmers to purchase most of it at a better price. Because of its dark bluish color, the coffee is also well known as â??Blue Batakâ?? (Batak is the ethnic group that inhabits the region). Notes of chocolate are evident in the finish. High-quality Lintong differentiates themselves from other Sumatran coffees in their clean mouthfeel and slightly brighter acidity.

In contrast with Mandailing, Lintong has a medium body but retain notes of dark chocolate and fresh earth. The coffee's taste recalls sage, tobacco, cedar and herbs, but these earthy flavors are balanced by chocolate tones. It is a fairly robust cup with a low to medium level of acidity and a syrupy mouthfeel.



We make high-quality copra by drying fresh coconut meat (kernel) in hybrid solar dryers. With efficient and continuous drying technology, we can reduce the moisture content of fresh coconut kernels from around 50% to lower than 6% within 48 hours. This result can be achieved by utilizing solar energy during daylight and renewable energy from smokeless biomass burning all night long.
Moisture content: maximum 6%, Free Fatty Acid content: maximum 0.5%, Green: 0%, Burnt: maximum 2%, Smoky: maximum 5%, Rubbery: maximum 5%

We only pick mature coconut fruits for the drying process, coconut must be put in a dryer immediately after opening to prevent microbes such as fungus, mold, and bacteria to grow. We keep the temperature in the oven dryer between 60 to 70 degrees Celsius. We inspect the copra periodically during the drying process, any damaged copra should be removed from the oven dryer immediately.


Nutmeg is a spice made from the seed of the nutmeg tree (Myristica fragrant) from the Banda Islands, Maluku, Indonesia. Due to their high value as spices, nutmeg has been important trading commodities since Roman times, considered high currency for trade and was even the cause of war. Although nutmeg is easy to find, nutmeg is a rare fruit, since nutmeg only can be planted in certain areas as we known nutmeg producing areas.

By adopting the tradition of harvesting early and frequently, the people in west Indonesia could steam distill the young tender Nutmeg that produces a high yield of Nutmeg Oil that is best suited for distillation.

Indonesian nutmeg is known produced without aflatoxin

Indonesian Nutmeg identification is oval nutmegs, ping-pong balls and green nutmegs.

Indonesia Nutmeg has the highest oil content compared to other regions, about 80%-100%. The essential oil content in the fulsion is quite high, reaching 30.39%. The aroma of Indonesian nutmeg is caused by the high myristicin substance which can reach 13.19% compared to other regions of nutmeg.

Indonesian Nutmeg has a slightly oval and round fruit, yellow, have meat and also the contents in the fruit are red and brown, the red ones are commonly called mace. Another advantage of Indonesian nutmeg is its aroma and Indonesian nutmeg is almost perfectly round without wrinkles. Nutmeg fruit in Indonesia is known to have small fruit but large seeds, because the high value is the seeds.

Indonesian nutmeg has a warm, slightly spicy, fragrant and sweet aroma. Indonesian Nutmeg also has various benefits for health, so it is often used in connection with traditional medicine to treat various diseases.

Ground Nutmeg Bulk

Nutmeg is one of the spices that changed the world. Native to the Banda Islands of Indonesia, nutmeg is the nut that comes from an evergreen tree from the Myristica fragrans tree. Ground nutmeg is used as an alternative to whole nutmeg, or when copious amounts are needed for flavoring purposes. From the early days of nutmeg, this classic baking spice was found not only in cuisine but also in medicinal practices.

Nutmeg is one of the spices that changed the world. Native to the Banda Islands of Indonesia, nutmeg is the nut that comes from an evergreen tree from the Myristica fragrans tree. Ground nutmeg is used as an alternative to whole nutmeg, or when copious amounts are needed for flavoring purposes. From the early days of nutmeg, this classic baking spice was found not only in cuisine but also in medicinal practices.

Palm Kernel Shell

Palm kernel shell (PKS) is actually the by-product from palm oil industry, before the era for palm kernel shell being used as biomass, the oil palm owner will bury the palm kernel shell underneath the land and let it becomes black color palm kernel compost. This is sort of organic fertilizer but because of the hard shell, it takes much longer time for converting totally to organic fertilizer. It is well known biomass product because of it small in size and high in heat energy or calorific value. Palm kernel is kernel from oil palm fruit. After the oil palm fruit gone through the palm oil process, the kernel will be separated and kernel oil will further be distilled and it also gained it status as a bio fuel resource for biomass product. It also classified as a renewable energy that complies with country energy regulation, such as Japan, Korea and Europe. Palm kernel shell also consider as the replacement for wood chip.

Gross Calorie Value : 3.600 Kcal , Moisture : 14-20% ( Maximum 20% due to rain ) , Impurities : < 3% ( Maximum 3%) , Ash Content : < 3% ( Maximum 5%) , Size : 4-20mm. , Sulfur : < 0.1% ( Maximum 1%) .

Robusta Coffee

Robusta Coffee

Today, over 90% of the coffee production in Java Island occurs on smallholder farms averaging almost 2,5 acres. Our commercial-grade Java coffee comes from the village of Semarang, where it was triple hand-picked. The natural processing of the coffee itself is actually the traditional processing sun-dried method. Nowadays, the natural process is not widely practiced anymore since it requires longer processing time, up to 2 months from the time of the picking of the cherries until the packing of the green beans. With a body as full as any premium coffees, Java Island can be downright syrupy. Despite a subdued acidity, the tastes are complex and intense, and a chocolate sweet flavor often holds earthy undertones. Notes of licorice may also be present.

Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Beans Grade A & B
(Price includes Shipping Globally and documents needed to clear your custom.)

Our Vanilla Beans are well prepared and packed using professional chamber vacuum sealers. The entire product is placed inside of a vacuum chamber, the air is removed from the chamber, and the bag is sealed. Before export, we manually triple check the pack to ensure you received the freshest quality of natural vanilla beans

Exhausted Vanilla Beans

Exhausted vanilla beans from the previously used vanilla beans in vanilla extract production. Our exhausted vanilla beans are dried, ground into vanilla bean specks, and sterilized to maintain the quality. Its mild vanilla taste turns these exhausted vanilla beans into a flavoring ingredient in ice creameries, gelaterias, the bakery industry, and food manufacturers.

Vanilla Powder

Our vanilla powder is 100% natural, non - GMO, gluten free and contains no additives. Ground vanilla beans are most used for culinary purposes, giving cold and warm desserts and baking goods a rich and creamy flavor. Vanilla extract and ground vanilla are perfect alternatives to each other. Vanilla powder is also well known for aromatherapy and cosmetics boutique products. Vanilla powder is perfect to enrich the taste of organic coffee, healthy smoothies, or workout protein shakes by adding a teaspoon to the blend. Vanilla powder is ground from raw gourmet vanilla beans, also known as vanilla pods affecting the dissolvency with liquid.
Color: Dark brown

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