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Wood Pellets

Granoterra Arabica Colombian Coffee

Granoterra Arabica Colombian Coffee




Our main supply source for soybeans and other grains is Brazil and other Latin Countries., Competitive prices are offered, certificates of origin and quality compliance are provided, with each shipment.

We are aware of the recently ruled imports of soybeans in some, countries and we comply with all imposed import-export standards accordingly.


Sugar Icumsa 45

Our main supply source is Brazil. The highest quantity and quality of sugar is produced here. We work directly with refineries in Brazil, and occasionally with refineries in India and other sugar producer countries.

The qualities we can supply include Icumsa 45, Icumsa 75 & Icumsa 100. Minimum quantity is 12,500 MT, no maximum limits.


Refined sugar, white sugar, is sugar ICUMSA 45. This sparkling white tasty ingredient is originated from Brazil. Human consumption prefers this sparkling white sugar for its special quality as it applies to a significant range of food preferences and selections world wide. The International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis has Brazil as one of its top members performing the required analysis qualifying the sugar from this
country as one of the best performers delivering whiteness and quality standards to the world.

The SGS testing methods indicates Brazil ICUMSA 45 as one of the finest quality product available on the market.


Polarization: 99.80 Degrees min.
Ash Content: 0.04 Max.
Icumsa: 45 RBU
Solubility: 100% Dry and Free Flowing
Color: Sparkling White. Maximum 45 Icumsa attenuation index units
Radiation: Within internationally accepted limits.
Granulation: Fine to Medium
Moisture: 0.4% Max.
Magnetic Particles: 4Mp/k
SO2: 70 Mg/k
Ash By Electrical Conductivity: 0.04% Max. [on dry weight basis]
Sulphur Dioxide: 20 mg/kg Min.
Sediments: None. Smell: Free of any Smell
Reducing Sugar: 0.05% Max. by weight.
HPN Staph Aureus: Nil.
Max AS: 1 P.P.M. Max PS: 2 P.P.M.

Granoterra Sunflower Oil

Granoterra Sunflower Oil: Origin, mainly from Hungary. Pet bottles, 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L. Jerry cans, 25L, Flexitanks, Flexibags (20ft Container). SPECIFICATIONS: Moisture & Volatile Matter, 0.10%; Max FFA (as Oleic Acid), 0.10%; Max Peroxide Value, 2.0 meq. O2/Kg; Max Colo�­ (Lovibond Cell 5 �¼â??), 10Y Max â?? 1.0R; Max Iodine Value (Wijs), 94-141; Soap, 0 ppm; Max Insoluble Impurity, 0.05%; Max Odor, Bland & Neutral when warmed. To secure the safety of the commodity during sea transportation the pure refined sunflower oil grade A, will be packed in standard<< will be packed in standard weight carton boxes of 12KG, 15KG, featuring a logo and label imprint xxx. With a maximum net weight of +- 27,000Kgs. Which will then be packed in containers stored at secure the transportation to the port of destination. DELIVERY TIME: 30- 45 DAYS FOR THE FIRST TRIAL SHIPMENT OF 5 CONTAINERS WITH PACKAGING:

- Given that each container can accommodate over 30000 bot 1 litter (+-27,000 kg), the number of cartons that can be loaded will depend on the weight of each carton.
- For instance, if each carton weighs approximately 10 kg (considering the weight of the bottles and packaging materials), you could fit around +- 2,500 cartons 30000 bot 1 litter (+-27,000 kg / 10 kg per carton) in one 40ft container.

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