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Gum Arabic

The unground product occurs as white to orange-brown, spheroidal tears of varying size or in
angular fragments. Gum arabic is also available commercially in the form of white to
yellowish-white flakes, granules, powder, roller dried, or spray-dried material. One gram dissolves
in 2 mL of water, forming a solution that flows readily and is acid to litmus, insoluble in ethanol.

Protein Content ---------- 1.78-2.57%
Chemical Characteristics ------------8%

Raw Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts are deeply appreciated for their nutty flavor, crispiness, wholesomeness and shelf
stability. Our product is packaged in jute bags of 80kg containing 170-180nuts. We ease the
buyers with the availability of Cashew Nuts in the small or bulk quantities, in a timely manner.

K.O.R ------ ------------------ 48
Nuts Count ------------------170-185

Processed Cashew Nuts

Our processed cashew nut is processed with perfection. It contains high nutritional content (rich
in vitamin, protein and minerals), rich in taste, and a good source of antioxidants. We keep the
diverse requirements of our customers in mind so you are rest assured of getting the best
product that suit your needs.

Nut Count --------------------- 205%
Moisture ---------------------- 10%
Defective ------------------------ 12%

Hardwood Charcoal

Still Morris hardwood charcoal is made from natural wood. The charcoal consists of less moisture, and about 80-85% carbon which means less smoke and longer burning time (of up to 3½hrs). Our, quality control team prioritise customer satisfaction, which means you get quality for your money.

Ash Content ------------------ 3.6%
Fixed Carbon --------------------75%
Moisture level -------------------7%
Shape --------------------- Irregular

Length -------------------3cm/28cm

Cocoa Beans

Our cocoa beans is dried and fully fermented. We oer cocoa beans at modest rates. They are
packaged and sealed to avoid impurity. The product is stocked in a well-secured warehouse to
meet up with customersâ?? demands in a timely fashion. Our exports are very reliable irrespective of
the destination.

Bean Count ------------------ 105
Mould beans ----------------- < 8%
Moisture ------------------------< 8%
Insect beans -------------------- 0.5%
Total defective------------------ < 2%

Fresh Ginger

Our fresh/dried ginger is highly aromatic and well-regarded for its health benefits. We package
the Ginger in food grade and tamper proof materials to ensure that customers receive a quality
assured product. Customers from Israel, Turkey, etc. acquire fresh/dried ginger from us at
aordable prices

Oil Content ------------------ 1 - 1.18%
Total Ash ----------------------7-9%
Moisture ------------------------- < 9%
Impurity -------------------------- 0-2%

Moringa Seeds

We sell moringa seeds that are organically produced and highly preferred by vegans. The
product is appreciated by our buyers for its purity and organic nature. It is well-packed and
sealed to avoid contamination and tampering.

Content ------------------ 45%
FFA -----------------------------3%
Moisture --------------------------8%
Impurity -------------------------- 2%

Blanched Peanuts

Procured from reliable vendors, our blanched peanuts is cultivated using organic methods. As a
distinguished supplier and exporter, our product is preferred as snacks in various countries. Our
distribution eiciency ensures that customersâ?? demands are met within the promised time frame.

Size ----------- 38/42, 40/50, 50/60
Moisture ------------------------ < 4%
Imperfect ------------------------ < 4%

Sesame Seeds

The sesame seeds contain a maximum of 5% moisture and a minimum of 50% oil content. This is
why both local and international markets prefer our product. They are bagged with superior grade
and high quality packages. Our various quality control parameters ensure that buyers receive
products within the stipulated time.

Oil Content ------------------ <45%
FFA ----------------------------<2%
Moisture -------------------------<8%
Admixture ------------------------< 2%

Shea Butter

BOTANICAL NAME : Vitellaria Paradoxa

The fruit consists of a thin, tart, nutritous pulp that surrounds a relatively large, oil-rich seed from shea butter is extracted. Its a deciduous tree therefore itâ??s about 7-15 metre tall, but has reached 25 metre and a trunk diameter of 2 metre.


Oil Content ------------------ 45%
FFA -----------------------------3%
Moisture --------------------------8%
Impurity -------------------------- 2%

Shea Butter

BOTANICAL NAME : Vitellaria paradoxa

We sell 100% organic shea butter.Our product is unrefined and well packaged to prevent
contamination and tampering. This butter is always fresh and made from the most recent
harvests of shea nuts to ensure you get the best quality shea butter. We supply in bulk both locally
and internationally.

FFA ----------------------------- <3.0%
Impurities --------------------- < 1%
Moisture content ----------- < 0.2%

Shea Stearin

BOTANICAL NAME : Vitellaria paradoxa

Our shea stearin is completely natural and aordable. It is processed in a specific way so that the
finished product is refined, solid and has a high heat tolerance. Our shea stearin is highly
preferred by manufacturers of chocolate as it provides enhanced solidity and crystallisation to
their products.


Appearance ---------- white powder
FFA -----------------------------3%

Soyabeans Seed

Our soyabean seeds contains less than 20% moisture - it is well dried. The audit team monitors
the seeds from initial storage till final delivery. Only top quality product reaches the buyer at a
modest rate either within Nigeria or overseas.

Protein Content ------------ 40%
Size ------------------ 6.9-13.3mm
Moisture -------------------- < 13.5%
Germination -------------------- 97%

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