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Certificate of Analysis ( COA):
A Certificate of Analysis is issued for each lot of product. The information on a Certificate of Analysis varies with each product. The most common information includes:


Product name

Catalog number

Lot number

Product storage and handling information

Product biological source

Product formulation

Product concentration or activity

Quality Cntrl Testing

The quality cntrl tests that are required vary fr each prduct. Typical quality cntrl testing is ften related t an analysis f the prduct itself and hw it perfrms. Yu may see any r all f the fllwing types f testing reprted n a Certificate f Analysis:

Prduct purity, bth physical and functinal

Cntaminant testing

Prduct cncentratin

Perfrmance testing

Lt-specific test results that are helpful fr using the prduct

Fumigation Certificate:

The Fumigation Certificate, in respect of international shipping of sea freight, also referred to as a 'pest control certificate' is the proof that packing materials used in international sea freight shipping e.g. wooden pallets and crates, wood, wool etc have been fumigated or sterilized prior the international shipment. Fumigation certificates in international shipping usually contain details such as purpose of treatment, the articles in question, temperature range used, chemicals and concentration used, etc.

The fumigation certificate as an international sea freight shipping document is NOT a mandatory international shipping export document. However, it assists in quarantine clearance of an international seafreight shipment upon the arrival to the destination.

Our expert export team provide all necessary documents required for smooth import formalities at destination.

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