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Welli Farms Limited

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Our founder Allswell O. Anyasodor is recognized as a remarkable figure in the export industry, particularly for his significant contributions to promoting Nigeria's agricultural and solid mineral commodities on the global stage. His efforts have not only strengthened the country's position as an exporter but have also played a pivotal role in showcasing the richness of Nigeria's agricultural and mineral resources.

By actively participating in international trade, Anyasodor has facilitated the expansion of Nigeria's export market, fostering economic growth and creating opportunities for local farmers and miners. His dedication to promoting agricultural commodities and solid mineral products highlights the potential and quality of these resources, encouraging sustainable development in these sectors.

Anyasodor commitment to excellence in export and advocacy for Nigeria's agricultural and mineral wealth reflects positively on the nation's global image, contributing to a diversified and resilient economy.

"Allswell O. Anyasodor often emphasizes, 'Africa's greatest opportunity to play on the global scene lies on agriculture and solid minerals.' This statement underscores the immense potential and untapped resources within these sectors, highlighting the significance of leveraging them for economic growth and international prominence."

Allswell O. Anyasodor holds the position of Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Welli Farms Limited, a prominent agro commodities and solid minerals export company based in Nigeria (West Africa). Under his leadership, Welli Farms Limited has become a key player in both international export markets and domestic supply, contributing significantly to the growth and recognition of Nigeria's agricultural and mineral sectors.

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Currently, Allswell O. Anyasodor whose picture is posted at the top is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Welli Farms Limited.

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No 29, 204 Road, 2Nd Avenue, Festac Town, Amuwo-Odofin, Lagos State
Festac, Lagos 100001

Contact Person: Allswell O. Anyasodor Designation: Managing Director
Phone: +234-7019834321

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