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Dfrense DMCC

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Our Company

At DFRENSE, our vision sets the horizon for our ambitious journey: to revolutionize the energy sector through relentless innovation, science and technology advancement, and a robust research and development foundation. We aspire to be unparalleled leaders in every endeavor we undertake, fostering a legacy of excellence and pioneering a better, more sustainable future for all. Our commitment extends beyond business success to making significant contributions to environmental sustainability, global health, education, and promoting responsibility and global peace. We understand that our actions have far-reaching implications, and as such, we are dedicated to acting as stewards of a more peaceful and prosperous world for generations to come. A world for every dream come true

Guided by this vision, our mission is to pursue opportunities across a spectrum of critical sectors including production, supply chain management, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and water treatment. We are steadfast in our commitment to investing in clean and renewable energies, aiming to make life not only more affordable but also safer for everyone. Our approach is firmly rooted in innovation, quality, and client satisfaction, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the expectations set before us. By constantly expanding our activities and establishing ourselves as market leaders, we are synonymous with excellence and reliability. Our dedication to this mission propels us toward a future where we can all thrive in a healthier, more sustainable world

Currently, DFRENSE is actively trading in Petroleum products, chemicals, Catalysts, Fertilizers and raw materials. Our portfolio reflects our commitment to diversity and quality, catering to a wide range of needs and industries. We are constantly exploring new avenues and opportunities to enhance our offerings and reach, driven by our core slogan, "Make a Difference."

Join us at DFRENSE, where our vision, mission, and activities converge to create not just a company, but a movement towards a better future. Together, we are setting new standards, challenging the status quo, and making a difference in the world

Annual Sales And Certifications

Established: 2024
Approximate Annual Sales: Not Known

Dealing In Products And Services

Our Primary Business: Dealer / Reseller

Buyer : Bitumen

Supplier : Petroleum products like bitumen, fuel oil, rpo, diesel, gasoline, naoh, paraffin wax, base oil, chemicals, mea, koh, pvc, benzene, potassium sulfate, urea, dap, potassium chloride, xylene, propylene, ethylene, different types of catalysts, chemical fertilizers, npk, industrial raw material, sulfur, gypsum, cement, phosphate rock, silicon carbide, alumina

Services : Trade

Contact Details

Dubai, Uae
Dubai 00000
United Arab Emirates

Contact Person: Saeb Designation: Coo
Phone: +971-564888892

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