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Royal Mineral

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Our Company

Established in the year 2001, Royal Mineral deals in :

  • Export ofGarnet Sand, Silica Sand, Quartz Sand, GBFS, GGBFS, Fly Ash, Stone Aggregates, Basalt, Gabbro, Talc, Dolomite, Micro Silica, Silica Fume, Manganese Ore, Manganese Oxide, Manganese Dioxide, Manganese Sulphate, Lime stone, Gypsum, Salt, Bauxite, Bentonite, Kaolin Ore, Calcined China Clay, washed Kaolin, Industrial Salt, Table Salt, Raw salt, Washed Salt, Salt Tablet, Iodised Salt, Free flow salt, Wood pellets, Blast Furnace Slag, Copper Slag.

Royal mineral has a vision to provide mineral products with utmost care and therefore, it uses efficient management techniques that ensure the safety of the environment. Our vision is to continuously be updated with the latest technology in terms of product manufacturing and quality control. We keep looking and researching for techniques that can fully utilize the potential of all mineral products. In addition, our vision is to be the biggest supplier of mineral products as per the budget of the client companies. We have a vision to look into the potential of all mineral products and provide to our clients the finest products available in the market with top-notch quality and safety being the priority.

Royal Mineral is one of the leaders in the niche of suppliers for Cementitious Material (SCM’s), Minerals, Metal Concentrates and Construction Material. With all the operation and activities within the vicinity of port renders us well equipped with added edge over our suppliers in the same line of business. Over the period of time, Royal Mineral has been marked its presence in the major markets like Africa, Far East, GCC and America. Prompt and timely execution of the orders from our long list of clients has helped us earn the reputation and name unparalleled. We take pride in a fact that our company has the honour of exporting most number of bulk vessels of fly ash and gabbro aggregates to the Qatar Market which has very stringent and rigid quality standards. Royal Mineral is the only company to send bulk vessel of fly ash to USA market from India.

Annual Sales And Certifications

Approximate Annual Sales: Not Known

Dealing In Products And Services

Our Primary Business: Not Known

Buyer : Bitumen, sulphur, glycerine, pao, pad, palm kernel cake

Supplier : Garnet sand, silica sand, quartz sand, gbfs, ggbfs, fly ash, stone aggregates, basalt, gabbro, talc, dolomite, micro silica, silica fume, manganese ore, manganese oxide, manganese dioxide, manganese sulphate, lime stone, gypsum, salt, bauxite, bentonite, kaolin ore, calcined china clay, washed kaolin, industrial salt, table salt, raw salt, washed salt, salt tablet, iodised salt, free flow salt, wood pellets, blast furnace slag, copper slag

Services : Manufacturer, processor, packaging and trading

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U S House, Kutch
Mundra 370421
Gujarat India

Contact Person: Irfan Designation: Business Head
Phone: Not displayed by user.

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