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What is changing?,,,,, and are being consolidated and merged with our primary website – Consequently, all data and links from these domains will now point directly to Go4WorldBusiness. Your account will automatically migrate to the new platform without any further action on your part.

Why is it being done?

The primary reason for this change is to improve user experience. You must have noticed that the site has been completely redesigned based on feedback received from our valuable users. It has also been made mobile compatible keeping pace with recent developments in the technological landscape.

Secondly, this migration will reduce complexity and increase operational efficiency of our support staff, which will directly and positively impact your experience as well.

How is your account impacted?

You will see nothing but positive changes to your account on the new website. Of the many changes and feature additions, the following will benefit you the most –

  • FREE Users can respond to 1 buy lead every week now, compared to 1 per month before.
  • Gold Members can now add unlimited products with images to their account.
  • Gold members also have access to unlimited number of buyers and buying leads through the website.
  • Gold members can showcase their manufacturing facilities right on the homepage of the website thus driving more buyers to their profiles.
  • Your personal account dashboard has been completely revamped and redesigned to make it easier for you to use.
  • Inquiry Manager has been simplified to segregate buying leads we match and send to you, inquiries you receive directly from other users and responses you send to all your inquiries.
  • Searching for buyers and sellers has been made more accurate and fast.
  • The entire website has been made responsive so that you can access it and respond to your leads while your on the move.
  • The FREE member-to-member chat interface has now been improved with some new features like you can now check what a member deals in and what country he belongs to in online users list itself. Please check the chat interface on the bottom of the screen on any page.