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Raw Bauxite

Supplier From India
Raw Bauxite

Raw Bauxite:

Bauxite is a soft, whitish to reddish-brown rock consisting mainly of alumina-bearing hydroxides, oxides of iron, silicon and titanium with impurities of Ca, Mg, Cr, V, P, Ga and other elements. Raw Bauxite is a major source of aluminium. Basic alumina containing minerals of Bauxites are gibbsite Al(OH)3, Boehmite g-AlO(OH) and Diaspore a-AlO(OH). We are a major Raw Bauxite Exporter based in Maharashtra (India) and catering to the diverse demands of several middle and eastern Asian countries.

About Raw Bauxite:
The processing of Raw Bauxite is done at a number of alumina refineries in the world. Bauxite can be processed at a low-temperature autoclave digestion (145 oC to 155 oC). Raw Bauxite can be used also for sweetening stage and for non-autoclave digestion in agitators (105 oC).

About 85% of bauxite mined worldwide is used to produce alumina for refining into Aluminium metal and the balance 15% is processed and value added to make its way to other uses like refractory, chemical, cement, abrasives, etc. Aluminium is possibly the most versatile product with applications in almost every industry. Since Bauxite is the primary source for Aluminium there will always be an ongoing promising demand for the same.

Application & Uses of Bauxite:
Raw Bauxite is successfully used for metallurgical grade alumina production besides applications in the cement industry, alumina chemical, steel, alum, energy industries, flame-retardants, etc. Bauxite is used in :
- Aluminium
- Cement
- Chemical
- Blast Furnaces
- Iron/Steel Ladles, etc.

Advantages of Artha Bauxite:
Artha Mineral Resources has good sources for Gibbsitic Bauxite which requires low digestion temperature (145 oC -155 oC) making it more economical to process. Mines are also in close proximity to all-weather ports which makes it very convenient and cost effective to ship this material.

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