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Plastic Bonded Magnets

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Plastic Bonded Magnets

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Plastic-bonded magnets are particle composites with permanent-magnet powder embedded in a plastic binder. Hard ferrite (HF), various SmCo and NdFeB powders and, to a very little extent, AINiCo alloys are used as magnetic powder. For embedding the magnetic particles, thermoplastic binders as, for instance, polyamide (PA) or polyphenyl sulfide (PPS) and duroplasts like epoxy resins are used. Depending on the material composition and production process, isotropic and anisotropic magnets with differing magnetic and mechanical specifications are available. Since not only the type of magnet or plastic material, but the filling and alignment degree, too, determine the composite`s properties, the outcome is widely varying magnetic parameters and an outstanding variety in types and shapes.

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