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Chilly Powder

Supplier From India


Chilly powder, the fiery heart of many culinary masterpieces, is an essential spice that adds both heat and flavor. Supernova Eximâ??s chilly powder represents the pinnacle of quality, crafted from premium red chillies and processed to perfection.

Source and Processing:

Our chilly powder begins with the careful selection of high-quality red chillies. Grown in optimal climatic conditions, the chillies are sun-dried to preserve their natural color and taste. Roasting and grinding are done with precision, ensuring a product thatâ??s rich in flavor and aroma. We take extra care to ensure that our chilly powder is free from additives and artificial colors.

Uses and Applications:

Chilly powder is an incredibly versatile spice:

Culinary: Essential in various cuisines for adding heat and flavor to dishes like curries, stews, and marinades.
Condiments: Used in the production of hot sauces and spice blends.
Health Benefits:

Beyond its culinary uses, chilly powder offers health benefits:

Metabolism Booster: May increase metabolic rate and aid in weight loss.
Rich in Vitamins: Contains vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin A.
Pain Reliever: Capsaicin in chillies has pain-relieving properties.
Purchasing Options:

Supernova Exim provides various packaging options for our chilly powder, catering to both individual consumers and commercial buyers. Quality and freshness are guaranteed, with a range of sizes and bulk purchasing options available.


Trust Supernova Exim's chilly powder to ignite your culinary creativity and elevate your dishes to new heights. With a focus on quality, purity, and sustainability, our chilly powder promises a sensory experience unlike any other. Explore our purchasing options and bring the essence of spice to your kitchen.

Price and Minumum Quantity

Price FOB in USD: 0.00
Minimum Order Qty: 20  Tons (US)
Packaging: 25Kg / 50Kg
Sample: Available. Sample Cost Born By Buyer

Product Model And Origin

HS Code: 09042211

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