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Hello there, I hope this message finds you well. At Oactech, we take pride in exporting the finest products to customers worldwide.

Printing and Writing Paper:

Bond Paper: Used for letterheads, business documents, and formal communication.
Copy Paper: Typically used for photocopying and printing documents.
Offset Paper: Used for offset printing, often for magazines, catalogs, and books.
Newsprint: Used for newspapers and other low-cost publications.
Coated Paper: Includes gloss, matte, and silk finishes; used for high-quality printing like magazines, brochures, and posters.
Packaging Paper:

Kraft Paper: Strong and versatile, used for packaging, wrapping, and making paper bags.
Corrugated Board: Used for manufacturing cardboard boxes and packaging materials.
Folding Carton Board: Used for high-quality packaging, like boxes for consumer goods.
Tissue Paper: Used for packaging delicate items, as well as for hygiene products.
Specialty Paper:

Specialty Packaging Paper: Includes various types like greaseproof, waxed, and coated papers for specific packaging needs.
Security Paper: Used for printing secure documents such as passports, certificates, and currency.
Art and Craft Paper:

Watercolor Paper: Designed for painting with watercolors.
Sketch Paper: Used for drawing and sketching.
Origami Paper: Thin and often brightly colored paper for origami (paper folding).
Cardstock and Boards:

Bristol Board: Thick, sturdy paper used for printing invitations, postcards, and other high-quality prints.
Poster Board: Heavyweight paper used for making posters, signs, and displays.
Mounting Board: Used for mounting artwork, photos, and presentations.
Label and Sticker Paper:

Self-Adhesive Paper: Used for making labels, stickers, and decals.
Hygiene and Sanitary Paper:

Toilet Tissue: Used for personal hygiene and bathroom use.
Facial Tissue: Used for facial care and hygiene.
Paper Towels: Absorbent towels used for cleaning and drying.
Specialty Papers for Industries:

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