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Incoloy Alloy 903

Supplier From China

Incoloy 903 is a high-temperature alloy material, also known as Inconel 903, which is a kind of nickel-based alloy. It is mainly composed of nickel, chromium, iron, cobalt, copper, titanium, aluminum and other elements. It has good high temperature strength, creep resistance and corrosion resistance, and is widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, energy and other industries under high temperature and high pressure environments. and other fields.
Following are some features and applications of Incoloy 903:
High temperature strength: It has good strength and rigidity at high temperature, and can withstand stress and load under high temperature and high pressure environment;
Creep resistance: It can be used for a long time without deformation under high temperature and high pressure environment;
Corrosion resistance: good corrosion resistance in strong acid, strong alkali and other corrosive media;
Machinability: Incoloy 903 can be machined, forged and welded through a variety of processing techniques.
The international standards for Incoloy alloy 903 in various countries are as follows:
United States: AMS 5800, AMS 5801, AMS 5802, AMS 5803, AMS 5826, ASTM B166, ASTM B408, UNS N19903
Germany: DIN 17742, DIN 17754, W.Nr. 2.4633
United Kingdom: BS HR 6, BS 3076
Europe: EN 10095

We can provide the following the form:Incoloy alloy903 coil; Incoloy alloy903 strip;Incoloy alloy903 plate; Incoloy alloy903 sheets; Incoloy alloy903 tube; Incoloy alloy903 pipe;Incoloy alloy903 flat; Incoloy alloy903 bar

BS:HR 5/JIS:NW4893/UNS:N19903/W.Nr:2.4665

Incoloy 903 has a wide range of applications, mainly used in the following fields:
Aerospace industry: components such as aero-engines, aero-bearings, gas turbines, etc.;
Petrochemical industry: such as chemical reactors, high pressure vessels, steam generators and other equipment;
Energy industry: such as nuclear reactor components, heat exchangers, coal-fired power plant boilers and other equipment;
Other fields: such as the manufacture of high-temperature valves, heat treatment furnaces, medical equipment, etc.

Price and Minumum Quantity

Price FOB in USD: 30000-35000$/ton
Minimum Order Qty: 200KG  Metric Tonnes
Production Capacity: 1000Ton/month
Packaging: Expot Packing
Sample: Available. Sample Cost Born By Supplier

Product Model And Origin

Brand: TISCO
Model: Incoloy alloy 903
Seller Code: Incoloy alloy 903
HS Code: 8001209000
Standards: Bs/jis/uns/

Competitive Advantages

  • It has standard expot packing or as customers requirement
  • Own factory, lower cost and high quality
  • 0.1%
  • Customer settings

Other Details

  • 2b/8k/matte/mirror/pvd
  • Coil/strip/plate/tube/pipe/bar
  • Tickness:0.1-3.0mm
  • 7-15days

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