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Coir Plank

Supplier From India

This organic potting medium, which is manufactured from natural coconut husk fibers, is not only perfect for hydroponics and mixed media growing, but it also works wonders to improve the soil. Clay soils are loosened by it, and its great porosity promotes the growth of healthy roots. Its texture is delicate and fibrous, and when dried, it does not crust.

The coconut husk used to make the coir planks is a renewable resource and the entire product is organic. You can start planting right away because the material has already been pre-washed and pH-balanced. After watering, the fibrous material settles quickly and exhibits medium drainage properties. The medium is consistently quite light. Throughout cultivation, its structure maintains stability with little settling.

50*15*12 cm 90*15*12 cm 100*20*8 cm
60*15*12 cm 90*18*12 cm 100*20*10 cm
60*20*12 cm 90*20*12 cm 100*20*12 cm
65*15*12 cm 100*12*15 cm 120*15*12 cm
65*18*12 cm 100*15*10 cm 120*20*10 cm
80*20*12 cm 100*15*12 cm
80*22*20 cm 100*18*12 cm
80*24*20 cm 100*18*15 cm

Suitable Crops:

Green Roots planks compressed without packing of various size.
It is used to grow in trough systems cutters and trays.
Green Roots allow mixes of coco peat coir chips and short fibre in different ratio for slabs.
Planks can be used to create raised beds and planters for growing vegetables and flowers.
Planks provide support to plants as they grow and spread their roots.
Easy to handle and maintain.
User Friendly Product

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