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Coconut Shell Charcoal

Supplier From India

Shell charcoal is a form of charcoal made from crushed coconut shells and other marine animal shells. It is an excellent soil amendment and is known for its high nutrient content and ability to improve soil structure. Shell charcoal is an effective way to add organic matter to soil and improve soil fertility. It also helps to improve water retention and drainage, as well as providing a habitat for beneficial soil organisms. Shell charcoal can also help to suppress disease in plants and can be used as a natural pesticide. It has a very high carbon content and helps to reduce soil acidity, making it very beneficial for acid-loving plants.

Shell charcoal is a type of soil amendment that can be added to the garden to improve soil quality .
It has a low ash content and produces a higher heat output than wood charcoal.
Shell charcoal is slow-burning and produces fewer sparksShell charcoal is slow-burning and produces fewer sparks.
Its light weight makes it easy to transport and store.
It is made from high-quality coconut shells that are burned in a kiln with very little oxygen.
It produces virtually no smoke and no odor.

Suitable for :
1. Food Industry & Barbeque
2. Coconut Shell Charcoal for Golf Courses
3. Coconut Shell Charcoal used for Animal feed
4. Coconut Shell Charcoal Soap

Physical Properties:
Physical form : Solid oval pillow shapes
Color: Black
Odor: Varies from odorless to slight
Briquette Average weight : 36-38g
Boiling point : 4500 C(8132 F)
Melting/Freezing point :3500C(6332 F)
Bulk Gravity/Density :0.530-0.550 ton/m3
Fixed Carbon : 65-75%ASTM 1762
Ash : 3-10%

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