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Magnesia Bricks

Supplier From India

Magnesia Bricks Description
Magnesia Bricks are alkaline refractory materials. These products have over 90% magnesium oxide content and adopt periclase as the principal crystalline phase. Magnesia Bricks can be divided into two categories of Burnt Magnesia Bricks and Chemical Bonded Magnesite Brick. They have excellent performance of superior high temperature mechanical strength and volume stability. Magnesia Bricks can service in the high temperature of 1750.. They are ideal products for glass furnace application.

Magnesia Bricks Features:
It is a kind of alkaline refractory product with periclase as main phase magnesite-alumina spinel clinker as basic material. the product has such characteristics as good temperature vibration, good strength and volume stability in high temperature.

Magnesia Bricks Application

Basic open-hearth furnace for steelmaking

Electric furnace bottom and wall

Permanent lining of oxygen converter

Non-ferrous metal metallurgy furnace

Hyperthermia tunnel kiln

Lining of rotary cement kiln

Heating furnace bottom and wall

Regenerative chamber of glass furnace

Magnesia Bricks Properties

High Refractoriness

Good alkaline slag erosion resistance

High apparent initial softening temperature

Good thermal conductivity

High thermal expansion

Magnesia Bricks Manufacturing Process

Burnt Magnesia Bricks are manufactured with magnesite clinker as the raw material and fired in the high temperature of 1550~1600 after smashing, burdening, mulling and molding. High-purity products can be fired in the temperature that over 1750. Chemical bonded magnesite brick is produced with certain chemical bonding through mixing, molding and drying.

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