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Alloy Ingots Adc12

Supplier From France
Alloy Ingots ADC12

Raw melting material - aluminum scraps, cans, engine waste etc.
Output capacity - 5-30 tons/h, customized
Automation - Full automatic/ half automatic (based on output requirement and investment budget
Ingot type - ADC12 (7.5kg/ 10kg / customized)

1. After cleaning the oil and grease of waste aluminum, manually put it into the furnace with a forklift;

2. Ignition for melting furnace .Heat up to 680C, and input appropriate proportion of alloy elements. Heat up to 800C, melt and stir evenly, then fetch samples to the spectrometer for testing.

Every lot of production need to do testing .

3. Put A tool that attracts iron into the furnace by forklift, to suck away the iron in the aluminum water.

4. Put the slag agent into Alu liquid to remove the slag. After slag removed , put the slags into Aluminum ash separation machine , and let the aluminum water and ash separate. The proportion of slag agent and aluminum liquid is 1:500

5.Open the drain valve and the aluminum water flows automatically to the ingot production line After the ingot casting is completed, the ingot stacking robot will stack the ingots, which means the production is completed.

Price and Minumum Quantity

Price FOB in USD: 80
Packaging: Wooden Case

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