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Foot ball shaped 60 atoms of carbon at edges is layed in pularin.Pularin atoms are arranged in ball.
Each atom is called Bucky balls and tubes are called Bucky tubes or Nano tubes.Each nano tube is 1 to 7 nm diameter i.e 1nm=50000 part of a hair sting.
1)mangampet ,cuddapah dist.Ap, 800 ppm(parts prer million)info given by stanford University.

150 times costlier than gold.
10 grams pularin $23000 to $45000
also info given by Bucky-USA website.

Special uses if this becomes common:
1)Pularin coting on aeroplanes withstands from thunders ,rains ,Flashes etc.
2)Bullet proof ackets
3)curing cancer etc.

Price and Minumum Quantity

Price FOB in USD: 20000$
Production Capacity: 50Kg
Packaging: 5Kg Drum
Sample: Available. Sample Cost Born By Buyer

Product Model And Origin

Brand: KBT
Model: 009
Seller Code: 0072
HS Code: 68022900
Standards: Standard

Competitive Advantages

  • Pularin
  • Jwelorry ston
  • Rare earth stone
  • Any stone

Other Details

  • Pularin
  • Jwelorry ston
  • Precious ston
  • Rare earth stone

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