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Wave Function Ltda

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Supplier From Brazil

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Machinery And Production Process

Quality Control: Out Source
Production Lines: 0
Investment on Manufacturing: Not Known
Percentage of revenue invested in R & D: 6 to 20%
Production Type: Not Applicable

Total Staff: 26 to 50
Staff Sales And Marketting: 0 to 10
Staff Production: 11 to 25
Staff Quality Control: 0 to 10
Staff R&D: 0 to 10
Staff Engineering: 0 to 10

Contact Details

1907 E Washington Blvd, Los Angeles Ca 90021 United States
R Joaquim Floriano, 95 Bairro: Ltaim Bibi, Sao Paullo Sp Brasil Cep 04534010
Sao Paullo 90505

Contact Person: Fabio Demelo Designation: Ceo
Phone: +18019102892

Supplier Of Copper   |   Iron Ore   |   Tin   |   Manganese   |   Lithium   |   Silica Sand   |   Graphite   |   Soybean   |   Wheat   |   Corn   |   Sugar
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