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Buyer: Soybean Acid Oil

In Oil
  • Destination: China
  • Date: Nov 20, 2020
  • Target Price: Working...
  • Quantity Required: 1000 mt
  • Payment Terms: 20% Advance + 80% LC
  • Shipping Terms: CIF Xiamen Port
Product Description:
Soybean Acid Oil

Quality required of soybean acid oil :
1.Moisture & Impurities<3.0%
2.Iodine value?100g I2/g
3.Saponification value:c
4.Total fatty matter?96%
5.Sulfur Content ?350ppm ?test method in ASTM D 5453 or EN ISO 20846:2011)
6.Free Fatty Acid (FFA)>50%
7. packing in flexibag
8. CIF Xiamen port.
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