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Residue Tapioca

Supplier From Viet Nam
Residue Tapioca

I am Joseph Ho from Vietdelta Industrial company in Vietnam
We are manufacturer and exporter tapioca starch, tapioca chips, residue tapioca

I would like to offer: Residue Tapioca

Starch content: 50% Min
Moisture: 13%
Crude Fiber: 15% Max
Sand: 3% Max
Aflatoxin: (B1, B2, G1,G2): Negative
Origin: Vietnam
Packing: 50 kgs/PPbag, 20MT/20 or customized

Based on Best Quality as well as stable capacity, I always hope that we can have a chance to cooperate with you.

Price and Minumum Quantity

Price FOB in USD: 190
Minimum Order Qty: 100  Tons (UK)
Production Capacity: Hcmc
Packaging: 50 Kgs/bag

Product Model And Origin

Brand: Vietdelta industrial company
Seller Code: 123456789
HS Code: 123456789
Standards: Vietnam

Competitive Advantages

  • Tapioca residue
  • Residue tapioca
  • Tapioca residue price
  • Residue tapioca price

Other Details

  • Starch content: 50% min
  • Moisture: 13%.
  • Crude fiber: 15% max
  • Sand: 3% max

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