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Tempered Glass

Supplier From Azerbaijan
Tempered Glass

Due to its special thermal treatment, tempered glass boasts higher impact strength and freeze-thaw resistance compared to regular glass. All tempered glasses are subject to mandatory edge pre-treatment. If broken, such glass falls apart to small fragments with uncut edges.

The glass tempering has the following effects::

impact strength rises 5-10 fold
flexing strength rises 2-3 fold
operating temperature range increases to -150 to +300°C
The tempered glass has quite a broad range of applications: glass panes, multilayer glasses with different properties, all-glass partitions, staircases, stairs, hand rails, car windows etc. The tempered glass can withstand hard blows perpendicular to its plane. Despite its improved properties, however, tempered glass is still a fragile material. It is especially susceptible to end loads, so such glass should be installed with extreme care.

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