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Hygienic Products

Supplier From India

At our company, we specialize in providing a comprehensive range of hygienic products. Our commitment to quality ensures that each product meets rigorous standards of hygiene and safety, giving consumers peace of mind.

Here's a glimpse into the hygienic products we export:

1. Baby Diapers: Our baby diapers offer superior comfort and absorbency, keeping infants dry and comfortable throughout the day and night. With soft, breathable materials and secure fastenings, our diapers provide optimal protection while allowing for freedom of movement.

2. Sanitary Pads: Designed for maximum absorbency and comfort, our sanitary pads are an essential hygiene product for women. With advanced technology and thoughtful design, our pads offer reliable protection.

3. Adult Diapers: For individuals with incontinence issues or limited mobility, our adult diapers provide discreet and reliable protection. Featuring high-absorbency materials and adjustable fit, our diapers offer comfort and dignity for adults of all ages.

4. Baby Wipes: Gentle yet effective, our baby wipes are perfect for keeping little ones clean and fresh on the go. Infused with soothing ingredients and free from harsh chemicals, our wipes are safe for delicate skin.

Price and Minumum Quantity

Price FOB in USD: 0.09$-0.025$
Minimum Order Qty: 10000  Pieces
Sample: Available. Sample Cost Born By Buyer

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