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Solar Street Lights

Supplier From India

Main matter in this product page:

We Manufacture , Supply , Install highly efficient Solar Street Lights of two categories :
Solar Integrated / Solar All-in-one Street Lights :
These are Solar All-in-one lights which means LED s , Solar Panel , Lithium (LFP) battery , Charge controller , BMS ( Battery Management System) , PIR (Motion Sensor) are inbuilt in one single unit
Ranges available from 15 watt to 100 watt

Solar Semi Integrated lights :
These are Solar Street lights on which Solar Panels are mounted separately on top of pole with help of mounting frame and remaining components like LED s , Lithium (LFP) batteries , Charge Controller , BMS ( Battery Management System) are kept in one single unit .

Ranges available from 15 watt to 60 watt

Description / Features :

No External power supply from DG set / EB line is required to run these lights they are completely self powered

Comes with 5 years complete warranty including battery pack

They come with back up of 18-20 hours a day and designed to operate in all climatic conditions with minimum back up time of 14-15 hours a day.

No External cables required cable cost will be completely saved

Saves Fuel cost / Energy cost these assemblies generally gets breakeven in less than 2 years

Auto Dusk to Dawn Operation is programmed Auto On-Off of lights sensing ambient light
Equipped with highly efficient LiFePo4 Lithium batteries and they has cycle life of 5000 cycles
Highly efficient and tier 1 grade MONO PERC Solar Modules are used
PIR (motion) sensor can be equipped as per requirement and they sense motion from distance of 10 meters.
Completely safe to use at construction sites since no cabling and cable routing are required and they are complete DC systems .

Warranty :
All components of Solar Street Lights comes with 5 years complete warranty including that of battery pack

Applications :
Stock Yards / Storage Yards
Site Offices
Corporate Offices
Residential projects , Layouts
Gardens , Parks
Shopping malls
Toll Plazas
Highway Lighting
Streets Lighting
Re-walls construction sites
Structural Construction sites

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