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Spike Lavender Essential Oil

Supplier From India

Spike Lavender Essential Oil

When seeking Spike Lavender Essential Oil trust Aromas Oils for a product that adheres to the strict guidelines of USFDA and WHO certifications Our 100 pure oil free from adulteration boasts a pale yellow color As a wellknown spike lavender essential oil exporter Aromas Oils ensures quality without compromise

Botany Lavandula Latifolia also known as spike lavender or Portuguese lavender is an evergreen plant of the Lamiaceae family indigenous to the Western Mediterranean especially France Valued for its camphorlike smell it is utilized in aromatherapy and perfume making

Overview of Spike Lavender Essential Oil Spike Lavender essential oil contains more camphor than true lavender essential oil With a thin consistency and a top or middle perfumery note its scent is reminiscent of rosemary oil This oil is a key ingredient for relaxing nervous functioning

Spike Lavender Essential Oil Benefits

Promotes calmness and reduces anxiety
Eases the respiratory system and enhances concentration through its aroma
Stimulates immunity acting as an antiviral substance
Exhibits excellent analgesic properties relieving joint and muscle pain

Spike Lavender Essential Oil Uses

Widely used in the production of perfumes and deodorants due to its extraordinary and refreshing scent
Popular in aromatherapy for its antidepressant properties that induce mental and spiritual peace
Employed as an expectorant in diffusers
Beneficial for women with painful menstrual cycles

Tropical regions with developing countries host spike lavender essential oil wholesale manufacturers providing essential oils at competitive rates without compromising quality

Blends well with Bergamot lemon patchouli vanilla amyris marjoram orange cedarwood and clove essential oils Renowned spike lavender essential oil wholesale suppliers offer these oils at competitive rates on popular ecommerce sites

Precautionary Measures As spike lavender essential oil bulk suppliers we recommend the following general precautionary measures

Avoid ingesting the essential oil as it may cause skin allergy or irritation Perform a patch test especially for those with hypersensitive skin

Storage Instructions Transfer the essential oil from aluminum containers received from spike lavender essential oil manufacturers to amber dark glass bottles Store them in cool dark places away from sunlight and heat to preserve their essence until expiry

Locations Covered As a spike lavender essential oil bulk supplier Aromas Oils delivers products to any location worldwide

Documents Available on Request As spike lavender oil bulk suppliers amp manufacturers we provide the following documents upon request

Certificate of Analysis CoA Specifies product specifications including color odor and other details
Gas Chromatography GC A sample workflow illustrating ingredients and their percentage
Mass Spectrometry MS Details about the constituents of the product and their prop

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