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Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Supplier From India

Indulge in the Natural Elegance of Aromas Oils Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Variety Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Discover the benefits of Rose Geranium essential oil without concerns about toxicity phototoxicity allergies or skin irritation Crafted from fresh and pure rose geranium our offered oil remains consistently in high demand Aromas Oils formerly Aromaaz International stands as a trusted Rose Geranium Essential Oil Wholesale Supplier in the US UK and various countries for many years


Pelargonium Roseum a flowering plant comprising over 200 perennial and shrub species thrives in temperate and tropical climates Indigenous to Egypt this evergreen shrub blooms with purple red and orangecolored flowers

Overview of Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Derived through steam distillation from fresh petals Rose geranium essential oil is a perfect calming blend With its fine and exotic fragrance the oil finds extensive use in aromatherapy perfumes and deodorants The pale yellow liquid suits every skin type

Rose Geranium Essential Oil Benefits

Sedative Effect Promotes a sedative effect making it ideal for aromatherapy to alleviate stress and fatigue
Healing Properties Contains hidden healing properties aiding recovery from injuries wounds burns and major cuts
Insomnia Relief Useful for combating insomnia by using it as a diffuser or adding a few drops to the bathtub
Nose Bleed Reduction Assists in reducing symptoms of hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia which includes nose bleeding by mixing it with sesame seeds

Rose Geranium Essential Oil Uses

This versatile oil finds applications in various industries with rose geranium essential oil wholesale suppliers meeting diverse requirements

Healing burns wounds enhancing mood and reducing pain in aromatherapy blends
Acting as an insect repellent
Serving as an aromatic ingredient in soaps perfumes colognes lotions and antiaging cosmetics

Precautionary Measures

As Rose Geranium essential oil bulk suppliers we suggest the following precautionary measures

Safe for use by pregnant women and children however caution is advised for large amounts
Follow regular doses for safety or seek consultation from a doctor when unsure

Storage Instructions

Transfer the essential oil from Rose geranium essential oil manufacturers to amber dark glass bottles Store in cool dark places away from sunlight and heat to preserve its essence until expiry

Locations Covered

Aromas Oils as a Rose Geranium essential oil bulk supplier delivers products globally to the UK US Canada Australia New Zealand South Korea China Taiwan Thailand Vietnam South Africa France Spain Poland Romania Serbia and more

Documents Available on Request

Upon request we provide the following documents as a rose geranium oil manufacturer

Certificate of Analysis CoA Product specifications including color odor and other details
Gas Chromatography GC Workflow and percentage representation of ingredients
Mass Spectrometry

Price and Minumum Quantity

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