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Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha Arvensis)

Supplier From India

Variety Peppermint Oil Unleashing Natures Essence

Aromas Oils proudly presents Peppermint Oil meticulously extracted from the leaves through steam distillation ensuring therapeuticgrade purity As a leading Peppermint Oil Exporter we cater to clients worldwide including the US UK and beyond


Peppermint a perennial herb in the Lamiaceae family stands 1235 inches tall featuring purple flowers and hairy leaves Harvested leaves are dried to extract the oil contributing to the plants resilience

Peppermint Oil An Overview

Born from the hybridization of Spearmint and Watermint Peppermint Oil emanates a cooling menthol aroma Previously linked predominantly to the USA its production has expanded to countries like India Italy Europe the UK and Morocco

Derived through steam distillation this pale yellow oil harbors a refreshing menthol odor accompanied by antimicrobial insecticidal analgesic anesthetic and antiinflammatory properties

Historical Uses

Japanese and Chinese folk medicine embraced Peppermint Oil for its cosmetic and health benefits crafting a rich historical tapestry Since the 1500s herbal medicines have harnessed its potency earning it the moniker multipurpose oil

Peppermint Essential Oil Benefits

Peppermint oils manifold advantages beckon suppliers and users alike

The menthol content provides a cooling anesthetic effect easing pain
Alleviates headaches muscular aches joint pain enhancing alertness stamina and desire
Combats germs reduces flatulence eliminates bad breath and soothes itching scalp
Exhibits therapeutic properties like decongestant astringent stimulant antispasmodic expectorant and more

Peppermint Essential Oil Uses

This versatile oil finds applications across industries

Fragrance enhancement in hair oils shampoos soaps and skincare products
Flavor enhancement in confectionery and frozen items
Wellness infusion in mouthwash toothpaste and applications to address nausea digestive issues itching and headaches

Peppermint Essential Oil Blends Well With

Harmonizing seamlessly with Patchouli Spearmint Cedarwood Clary Sage Lemon Oregano Geranium Jasmine and Rosemary essential oils Peppermint oil wholesale suppliers offer a diverse range for blending

Available Product Variants

Explore Peppermint Hydrosol for additional product options

General Precautionary Measures

Peppermint oil manufacturers recommend

Procuring 100 organic pure oils from certified stores
Diluting the concentrated oil with a suitable carrier oil before application
Avoiding application to sensitive areas like eyes ears and mucous membranes
For cancer patients using the oil in combination with others rather than standalone


Maintain quality and extend shelf life by transferring oil from metal containers received from peppermint essential oil suppliers to dark glass containers

Locations Covered

As a peppermint oil bulk supplier Aromas Oils ensures global delivery to the UK US Canada Australia New Zealand South Ko

Price and Minumum Quantity

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