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Palmarosa Essential Oil

Supplier From India

Palmarosa Essential Oil Natures Elegance Unveiled

Variety Origanum Vulgare Oil

Our esteemed online platform recognized by USFDA proudly offers the finest quality Palmarosa oil meticulously steam distilled in adherence to industry standards Aromas Oils a reputable Palmarosa Essential Oil Supplier ensures airtight packaging to preserve efficacy Serving South Korea the US the UK and beyond we are your trusted source


Palmarosa a grass belonging to the PoaceaeGramineae family stands tall with slender stems Emitting a fragrant rose aroma its dried grass is harvested just before flowering

Brief History of Palmarosa Essential Oil

Cultivated in South Asia for essential oil extraction Palmarosa found utility in India for storing beans grains and insect repellent purposes

Palmarosa Essential Oil Uses

Historically used to adulterate Rose oil
Applied in traditional Indian medicine for treating infectious diseases fever nerve pain and rheumatism
In Ayurvedic medicine employed against parasitic and fungal infections
Traditional Chinese medicine embraced its use for chronic pain indigestion and inflammation
Widely incorporated into soaps cosmetics and perfumes our Palmarosa Essential Oil Wholesale Suppliers cater to global industrial needs

Palmarosa Essential Oil Benefits

Possesses therapeutic properties like digestive febrifuge antiseptic and stimulant
Effectively treats dry and sagging skin wrinkles anorexia stress infection and cystitis
The geraniolrich composition makes it a staple in the perfumery industry

Available Product Variants

Certified Organic Palmarosa Essential Oil

Blends Well With

Palmarosa Essential Oil seamlessly blends with Cedarwood Geranium Ginger Root CO2 Lemon Lemongrass Neroli Cedarwood Sandalwood Patchouli Peppermint Rose Absolute and Bergamot Our Palmarosa oil suppliers offer these oils in bulk for versatile blending

General Precautionary Measures

As a Palmarosa essential oil manufacturer we recommend

Dilution before skin application due to its concentrated nature
Consultation with a doctor for pregnant individuals or those with health concerns

Storage Instructions

Transfer from aluminum containers to amber dark glass bottles storing them in cool dark places away from sunlight and heat to preserve essence

Locations Covered

As a Palmarosa Essential oil bulk supplier we deliver globally reaching the UK US Canada Australia New Zealand South Korea China Taiwan Thailand Vietnam South Africa France Spain Poland Romania Serbia and worldwide

Documents Available on Request

As a wholesale manufacturer we provide

Certificate of Analysis CoA detailing product specifications
Gas Chromatography GC offering a pictorial representation of ingredients and their percentage
Mass Spectrometry MS providing details about constituents and their proportions


Q Where is the palmarosa plant cultivated Palmarosa plant is cultivated in the wetlands of India Nepal and Vietnam It thrives in tropical reg

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