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Garlic Essential Oil

Supplier From India

Aromas Oils Unveils Garlic Essential Oil

Aromas Oils renowned for its commitment to quality proudly presents Garlic Essential Oil extracted through a meticulous steam distillation process from the plants bulb Our dedication to preserving the efficacy of this oil is evident in our airtight packaging ensuring its pristine condition during transit

Botanical Insights

Belonging to the Amaryllidaceae family Garlic plants are perennials with flat leaves and white flowers and bulbils These resilient plants can grow up to 60 meters

A Glimpse into Garlic Essential Oils History

Garlic Essential Oil rich in diallyl sulphides and allicin boasts remarkable curative properties Aged garlic extracts obtained through fermentation are believed to be odorless and packed with sulphur compounds Historical records indicate its positive impact on normal blood lipids heart health and immune function

Uses of Garlic Essential Oil

Throughout North Africa Asia Southern Europe and the Middle East it was a pivotal spice in various dishes due to its pungent flavor
With a culinary history spanning over 5000 years garlic has been both a culinary staple and a medicinal treasure
In ancient Korea it was consumed before venturing into the mountains as the strong odor was thought to deter tigers

Benefits of Garlic Essential Oil

Facilitates weight loss stimulates blood circulation and digestion and enhances cognitive function
Provides relief from lower cholesterol levels congestion and arthritis
Widely used to add flavor to food items

Product Variants Available

Explore the diverse offerings including Garlic oleoresins and Garlic roasted oleoresins from Garlic essential oil wholesale suppliers

Blends Harmoniously With

Garlic oil pairs well with Rosemary Chilli Basil sweet Cumin Ginger Asafoetida and Clove essential oils Aromas Oils as Garlic Essential Oil Wholesale Suppliers offers these oils in bulk at reasonable rates

Precautionary Measures

As responsible Garlic Essential Oil Manufacturers we recommend

Individuals allergic to garlic should avoid using Garlic oil
Consult healthcare providers before use if already on blood thinners to prevent potential bleeding issues
Prior consultation with a doctor is advised for individuals using other medications due to potential drug interactions

Storage Instructions

Preserve the essence of the essential oil by transferring it from aluminum containers to amber dark glass bottles and storing them in cool dark places away from sunlight and heat

Locations Covered

As a Garlic oil wholesale supplier we extend our delivery services globally reaching the UK US Canada Australia New Zealand South Korea China Taiwan Thailand Vietnam South Africa France Spain Poland Romania Serbia and more

Documents Available on Request

Garlic essential oil wholesale manufacturers provide the following documents on request

Certificate of Analysis CoA detailing product specifications
Gas Chromatography GC providing a pictorial repr

Price and Minumum Quantity

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