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E1404 Oxidized Starch

Supplier From India

Oxidized starch - TS is a Chemically Modified, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Plant-based, Non-GMO tapioca starch. Oxidized starch is characterized by its exceptional functional properties such as low viscosity, high stability, clarity, film forming, low temperature stability and binding properties. Oxidized starch is widely used in bakery products, frozen foods, dairy products, confectioneries, breading and coating applications, etc., It is 100% naturally made which does not have any preservatives and Mono sodium Glutamate (MSG).

Oxidized starch is used as stabilizer in milk products, ice cream desserts, puddings, fillings, etc.,It is also used in the production of flavoured yoghurts, flavoured milk drinks, whipped cream, low fat cream, etc.,
Oxidized starch can also be used as fat-mimetic and partial replacement of casein in cheese products with improved stretchability and hardness
Oxidized starch is recommended for salad and vegetable sauces, salad dressings, sugar syrups, sauces for canned meat and vegetables, mayonnaise, soups, puddings, fruit filling for confectionery products, jellies, fruit paste candy and soft gummies
In baking industry, Oxidized starch expands and improve physical possessions and physical properties of dough, increases its capability to hold gases

Oxidized starch is used in frozen foods, refrigerated or canned foods, generally for thickening, temperature stability and control the flow in the purpose food. Oxidized starches are used for improved adhesion and improved stability, reputedly because of covalent bonding with protein on the substrate surface.

Oxidized starch has improved solubility and paste clarity and could be an alternative source for food products requiring high solid contents without over-thickening
It is highly bio-degradable and causes no harm to the Environment.
Oxidized starch is a White powder that adds no color to application and blends well with other ingredients. It has a bland taste and so will not mask flavors or aromas.

Price and Minumum Quantity

Price FOB in USD: $1,250.00 per Ton
Minimum Order Qty: 1000  Kilograms
Production Capacity: 50 Ton Per Week
Packaging: 25 Kgs Net Weight Paper Bags With Moisture Proof Liner Inside.
Sample: Available. Sample Cost Born By Supplier

Product Model And Origin

Brand: Angel
HS Code: 35051090
Standards: Brc, iso 22000, iso 9001, fssai, us-fda, halal, kosher, zed

Competitive Advantages

  • No added preservative & msg

Other Details

  • Vegan, gluten free, chemically modified starch
  • Fine powder
  • 12 months shelf life

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