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Endobronchial Tube

Supplier From United Kingdom

An endobronchial tube is a medical device designed for use in the respiratory system, specifically within the bronchial tubes. These tubes are used in various medical procedures, such as bronchoscopy, endobronchial intubation, and lung surgery. The primary purpose of an endobronchial tube is to maintain an open airway and facilitate the delivery of oxygen or anesthesia to the patient's lungs during surgical or diagnostic procedures.

Key features and uses of endobronchial tubes include:

Bronchoscopy: Endobronchial tubes are often used in bronchoscopy procedures, allowing physicians to visually examine the bronchial tree and perform diagnostic or therapeutic interventions.

Lung Surgery: During certain lung surgeries, endobronchial tubes may be employed to isolate and collapse one lung, providing a clear field of view for the surgeon.

Ventilation: Endobronchial tubes can be used for selective lung ventilation. They can be positioned to direct ventilation to a specific lung, allowing the other lung to be collapsed or isolated.

Anesthesia: In some cases, endobronchial tubes are used for delivering anesthesia during thoracic surgeries or procedures.

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