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Beet Sugar

Supplier From Sri Lanka

White table sugar comes from either sugarcane or sugar beet and is usually sold without its plant source clearly identified. This is because chemically speaking the two products are identical.

Refined table sugar is pure, crystallized sucrose, much in the same way that pure salt is simply sodium chloride. Sucrose is found naturally in honey, dates and sugar maple sap, but is most concentrated in sugarcane and sugar beet.

The refining process renders the original plant irrelevant as the sucrose is completely extracted from the plant that produced it.

Sugar beets are grown in climates that are too cold for sugarcane. The low sugar content of the beets makes growing them a marginal proposition unless prices are relatively high. In 2000 Russia, the United States, Germany, France and Turkey were the world's five largest sugar beet producers.

MOQ 12,500MT

Supplied from Brazil

Price and Minumum Quantity

Price FOB: USD
Minimum Order Qty: 12,500  Metric Tonnes

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