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Rose Absolute

Supplier From Bulgaria

Rose Absolute
Rose absolute is produced from rose concrete by extraction with ethyl alcohol.
The color of the rose absolute is reddish and has an amazing aroma of rose oil.
The rose absolute is produced from the flowers of the plant Rosa Damascena
The composition of the rose absolute includes the components of rose oil, the main one being phenylethyl alcohol (about 70%), followed by citronellol, geraniol, and nerol.
The main use of rose absolute is in cosmetics and aromatherapy.
Rose absolute is one of the best cosmetic ingredients and is suitable for all skin types due to its strong moisturizing and hydrating effect.
Rose Absolute is also used in the perfume industry because it has a stronger and closer to real roses scent than rose oil.
With its rich aroma, the absolute brings an incredible feeling of rose scent and freshness in the premises.
Its exceptional properties to moisturize well and hydrate give it major advantages to use in the preparation of various creams.
Improves the composition of various cosmetic products.
The rich aroma makes it a highly-valued product in the perfume industry for the preparation of various perfume products.
The absolute is used in the most luxurious fragrances in the cosmetics industry.

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