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Dehydrated Garlic Chopped

Supplier From India

Product Name : Dehydrated Garlic Chopped
HS Code : 07129030
Packaging Options : 20/25 Kgs PP Bag/Cartoon Box or Customized
Loading Option : 14 MTS (20 FT), 25 MTS (40FT)
Aroma : Strong Spicy
Size : 3 to 7 mm
Product Expiry 2 Years in 5C - 12C Storage at Dry Place
Source / Origin : India

The Dehydrated garlic chopped is prepared from the garlic flakes, which is one of the main ingredients used in readymade products that add the caramelized pleasantly spicy garlic flavor. Further, due to multiple medicinal benefits in human life, the daily needs for garlic intake is quite important and must be met via our foods. The garlic chopped is also used in vegetable curries or non-veg gravy and non-gravy or fried dishes. It is also utilized in burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and pizza for a pungent aromatic flavor of garlic.

Due to some specific requirements, the dehydrated garlic flakes with large dimensions are sometimes not suitable for certain foods such as steamed or roasted ones. Therefore, a finer replacement of the dehydrated garlic, viz., chopped, minced, granular, and powdered garlic are also produced. Among these varieties, the dehydrated chopped garlic is prepared from the garlic flakes. In the beginning, the unwanted substances in the form of the outer skin layers and plant roots are removed by applying the sorting procedure. Later, it is passed through the cutting machine to obtain a smaller sized product of the dried garlic. At the last stage, chopped garlic is processed via the Vibro table with dimensions of 3 to 5 mm size. This final 3 to 5 mm dried chopped garlic is also known as dried garlic chopped. This product is mainly exported by SKY Agri Export in North America, European nations, and Russia.

Appearance : Yellowish to brownish
Size : 8 to 10 mm
Texture : cut size broken
Taste/Flavour : Characteristic aroma, fragrant and pungent

Moisture Content : 8.0 % Max
Total Ash on dry basis : 5.0 % Max
Ash Insoluble in dil HCL : 0.5 % Max
Peroxide : Negative

Total Viable Count (CFU/g) : <500000
Coliform (CFU/g) : <10
E. Coli (CFU/g) : Absent
Salmonella (CFU/g) : Absent in 25 gm.
Yeast and Mold (CFU/g) : < 100

Uses - The dried chopped garlic variants are better substitutes for fresh garlic if the cooked food items are of tandoor, grilled, or steamed type. The dehydrated garlic chopped is a good ingredient for increasing the flavor or spicing up the boiled vegetables, steamed momos, noodles, and chili chicken. Both vegetable curries or non-vegetarian gravy and non-gravy dishes can use the dried chopped garlic for enhancing the savor of any cuisine. The chopped dehydrated garlic is best suited for many fried and dry variants of fast food snacks like burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, and pizza.


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