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Corrugated Cartons

Supplier From India
Corrugated Cartons

We are a Corrugated Box Manufacturer Partner located at Gujarat. We are manufacturing various two main products named Corrugated Boxes & Corrugated Sheets.

Coming to Corrugated Boxes, also known as, Corrugated Cardboard Cartons, we are manufacturing packaging boxes as per customers requirements. But broadly, it can be bunched into certain types of corrugated boxes. Those are 3 ply corrugated box, 5 ply corrugated box, die-cut box, and custom printed corrugated box, white boxes, and multi-depth box.

We are listing down various types of boxes below, where you can read more on those types of boxes. Please click on them to know more about it.

What is a corrugated box
You are wondering that what is a corrugated box than we can come up with a single definition that when a fluted paper which is made by compressing the Kraft containerboard in the shape of S arch and then sandwiched between the linear board with the help of the adhesive. This sheet is called a corrugated sheet and the box made out of it is called a corrugated box.

Why we use corrugated boxes
Well, there cannot be one particular answer to this as there are many advantages of using a corrugated box. This lightweight box can provide enough protection against the packed goods. We can look at the following points to understand the advantage of using a corrugated box.
A corrugated box is much stronger than a cardboard box
Can be recycled and reused are made of biodegradable material
Corrugated box offers flexibility and is also cost-effective
Sustainable and cost-efficient
Corrugated boxes are easily customizable and provide branding options.
They are cost-effective, lightweight and provide sustainability.
The Corrugated box is designed in such a way that it helps to protect the product from moisture and bacteria.
Thus, is a great option for the packaging of food products ex: Corrugated pizza box.

Price and Minumum Quantity

Price FOB in USD: 0.40-2.0
Minimum Order Qty: 1  Tons (US)
Capacity: As Per Buyer's Requirement
Packaging: Standard
Sample: Available. Sample Cost Born By Buyer

Competitive Advantages

Shipping Cartons
Packaging Supply

Other Details

Cardboard Box
Pizza Boxes
Corrugated Boxes
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