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Punching & Stampings Scrap

Supplier From India
Punching & Stampings Scrap

Kreeya Retails Private Limited is a proud Importer and Exporter of secondary products such as Silicon Steel, Railway Axels, HR/CR Coils, Slabs, Billets and Sheets etc from India to all over the world.

Kreeya Retails Pvt Ltd are one of the expert scrap dealers, importers and distributors in India.

Kreeya Retails Pvt Ltd are agents in India for leading European, US, UK, Brazilian, South African, Middle Eastern and Canadian scrap processors that process and export various grades of Ferrous and Stainless/Alloy Scrap.

Why Choose Us Over Others
Dedicated Team To Ensure

Sig Sigma Implementation To Provide Best Quality/required Quality
International Certifications And We Are On Govt Panel
With Govt Authorization
With Proper Documentation
We Also Provide Enviromental Friendly Packaging To Ensure International Standards

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